Sports and Entertainment Law Journal

Mission Statement

The University of Denver Sports & Entertainment Law Journal was formed in 2005 as a national legal periodical. The Journal is focused on publishing scholarly articles in both the sports and entertainment industries as they pertain to their respective areas of law. The Journal’s aim is to track recent changes in these fields of law and serve as a resource to practitioners and students alike.

The Journal is comprised of law students selected for editorial positions based on their merits demonstrated through a candidacy process. The process seeks those students who exhibit competent citation skills along with critical legal writing ability.

The Journal welcomes submissions of articles for consideration from attorneys, practitioners, or others in the sports and entertainment fields. There is no length requirement for these articles – our primary objective is to provide authors interested an opportunity and forum to express their opinions.

The Journal’s citation format conforms to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020), copyrighted by the Columbia, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.

Publication does not indicate that the views expressed are adopted by the Journal.

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