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Ferguson Statement

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Kyle Velte Patience Crowder and Lisa Graybill Tanya Bartholomew Nancy Ehrenreich Chris Lasch and Robin Walker Sterling Kris Miccio Zoe Smith-Holladay and Jennifer Holladay David Thomson Tom Romero Lindsay Webb and Eli Samford Patty Powell Jennifer Grace Ewa and Lauren Fontana César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández and Margaret Kwoka Members of RPL Members of RPL




As members of the Denver Law faculty and staff, we stand in solidarity with the families of Michael Brown in Missouri, Eric Garner in New York, Tamir Rice and John Crawford in Ohio, and Marvin Booker here in Colorado, as well as with their supporters across the country. As legal scholars, practitioners, activists, educators, parents, and citizens who care about the integrity of our criminal justice system, we are deeply saddened by these cases of law enforcement violence. These deaths, only the latest in a long and shameful series of incidents in which police have killed unarmed men and boys of color, illustrate all too vividly that our criminal justice system forfeits the lives of black and brown men and boys to over-policing and dehumanization. We pledge to engage our students and our community to understand how the constitutional values we hold dear can find expression in our biased criminal justice system. We endorse requests for the United States Department of Justice and other authorities to investigate these cases further and to implement processes designed to eliminate structural racial biases in our criminal justice system. We dedicate ourselves to combating the issues raised by these cases with understanding grounded in history, activism based in praxis, and a vision of justice rooted in hope.


Robert Anderson
Lawyering Process Professor

Debra S. Austin
Lawyering Process Professor

Tanya Bartholomew
Lawyering Process Professor

Nashwa Bolling
Associate Director of Budget, Research and Analysis, University of Denver

J. Robert Brown, Jr.

Stefanie M. Carroll
Administrative Director, Academic Programs

Bernard Chao
Assistant Professor

Christine M. Chao, Ph.D.
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Clinical Psychology

Federico Cheever

Yvonne Cherena-Pacheco
Associate Director of Admissions

Roberto Corrada
Mulligan Burleson Chair in Modern Learning and Professor

Patience Crowder
Assistant Professor

Laura Dean
Assistant Dean, Alumni Relations

Micah Desaire
Faculty Support Team

Nancy Ehrenreich

Jennifer-Grace Ewa
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Open Space
Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE)

Ian Farrell
Assistant Professor

Lauren L. Fontana

Civil Rights Clinical Fellow

Alexi Freeman
Director, Public Interest

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández
Visiting Assistant Professor

Linnéa Geiger
Program Coordinator, Alumni Affairs

Rashmi Goel
Associate Professor

Lisa Graybill

Felicia Ho
Career Consultant, Office of Career Development and Opportunities

Brianna Johnson
Program Coordinator, Living and Learning Communities, University of Denver

José R. (Beto) Juárez, Jr.

Sam Kamin
Professor and Director, Constitutional Rights and Remedies Program

Tamara Kuennen
Associate Professor

Margaret Kwoka
Assistant Professor

Christopher Lasch
Associate Professor

Nancy Leong
Associate Professor

Kristian McDaniel-Miccio

Viva R. Moffat
Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Andrea Montague
Career Consultant – Public Sector, Office of Career Development and Opportunities

Suzanna Moran
Lawyering Process Professor

Jonna Perlinger
Administrative Assistant, Student Law Office

Justin Pidot
Assistant Professor

Patty Powell
Associate Dean and Lecturer

Joycelin Randle
Director of Development

Paula Rhodes
Associate Professor

Tom I. Romero, II
Associate Professor of Law, Affiliated Faculty Department of History
Assistant Provost of IE Research and Curricular Initiatives

Roderick Rose
Associate Director of Admission, University of Denver

Laura Rovner
Ronald V. Yegge Clinical Director & Associate Professor of Law

Nantiya Ruan
Lawyering Process Professor and Director
Hartje & Reese Lawyering Process Chair

Cathay Smith
Community Economic Development Clinical Fellow

Catherine Smith

Keelie Sorel
Social Justice Program Coordinator, Living and Learning Communities, University of Denver

Mary Steefel
Director, Academic Achievement Program

Judith Stein
Career Consultant, Office of Career Development and Opportunities

David Thomson
Lawyering Process Professor

Kyle Velte

Randy Wagner
Administrative Director, Strategic Initiatives

Robin Walker Sterling
Assistant Professor

Lindsey Webb
Assistant Professor

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