Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute

Annual Student Award

The annual RMLUI/Sturm College of Law Student Award recognizes students whose academic achievement and community service while in law school demonstrate outstanding potential for impact in the sustainable development field. The cash portion of the award is generously funded by the Denver law firm of Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti.

The 2022 winners are Emily Maino and Alida Soileau.

The 2021 winners were Wendy Kerner and Taylor Rabb.

The 2020 winners were Maggie Coats and Matt Grossi.

The 2019 winners were Chelsea Marx and Shelley Ormsby.

The 2018 winners were Mackenzie Lewis and Kate Madden.

The 2017 winner was Natalie Klee.

The 2016 winners were Nick Rising and Kate Stevenson.

The 2015 winners were Ashley Basta, Emily Dowd, and Amanda Huston.

The 2014 winners were Jessica Alizadeh, Brooke Ehrman, and David Roth.

The 2013 winners were Christopher Boeckx and Allen Wilson.

The 2012 winner was Jeffrey John.

The 2011 winners were Allison Altaras and Matthew Brodahl.

The 2009 winners were Lauren Jaeckel, Jonathan Thompson, and Daniel Watlington.

The 2008 winners were Steven Blarr and Steven Earl.

The 2007 winners were Brent Butzin, Erik Dullea, and Mark Howe.

The 2006 winners were Blair Daniels, Jeremy Ferrin, and Stephen Wichern.

The 2005 winners were Sarah J. Lewis and Tanya Colleen Fuhrman-Wenman.

The 2004 winner was John T. Vance.

The 2003 winners were Charles Line and Lisa Marie Thompson.

The 2002 winner was Grant Nesbitt.

The 2001 winners were Kimberly D. Gess, Marlo J. Greer, Lisa Chikes Hamel, Michael T. Hegarty, Frederick F. Perner, and Tracie A. Williamson.

The 2000 winners were Nicole Danette Garrimone and Amy Lynette Hendrickson.

The 1999 winner was Holli Hartman.

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