Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute


The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute was established to conduct education and research programs on legal and public policy issues related to land use and development. For more 30 years, RMLUI has been leading a discussion in the West about the challenges presented by growth and innovative ideas for addressing them.

2022 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference

Growth & Change in the West: Adapting Sustainably

As we emerge from the pandemic, the West is facing immense pressures from growth and change that challenge our notions of sustainability in our region. An intractable housing affordability crisis is spreading beyond our urban areas to exurban communities and rural towns, where people are now moving in greater numbers. The impacts of climate change are upon us, with the West is experiencing an extended drought that threatens our regional water supply and our forests and fire seasons that are growing in duration and severity with each passing year. As we face these challenges (and many more), the 2022 Western Places | Western Spaces conference focuses on how the region can adapt to these mounting pressures and what measures we need to be taking now to ensure greater resilience to whatever the future holds.

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