Public Service Requirement

Information for Supervisors

Thank you so much for your interest in supervising Denver Law students to satisfy their Public Service Requirement via a Volunteer Legal Experience. A Volunteer Legal Experience allows students to engage in fifty hours of law related public service projects under the supervision of attorneys who have been licensed to practice law for at least three years.

Please note:

  • Students may work for a non-profit organization, government agency, a judge, or in a private law firm, provided the law firm work is only pro bono.
  • Students can do a Volunteer Legal Experience at any point. It is not tied to the semester schedule; students may become involved throughout each semester and can even straddle up to two semesters if necessary.
  • This is a useful opportunity for attorneys to get student assistance on discrete research or writing projects, given the shorter hours, although the work is by no means limited to such projects.
  • If you are interested in working with a student for more than 50 hours, check out our Legal Externship Program. Legal Externships are semester-long placements wherein students work between 100 to 300 hours.

If you have a particular project or externship opportunity that you would like to promote to the students at Denver Law, please contact Alexi Freeman, Director of Externships & Public Interest Initiatives, at or by phone at 303-871-6788.

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