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Public Good Distinction

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December 2022 and May 2023 grads must register for the distinction by September 9, 2022.

The Public Good Distinction is an honor that Denver Law awards graduating students based on their demonstrated commitment to  public interest law throughout their legal education. The Distinction was developed by a group of Denver Law students but is administered by faculty and staff.

The world of Public Interest lawyering is vast, encompassing a variety of substantive areas, topics, and skillsets. The Distinction is an opportunity for students to chart their own path, develop their own narrative, and gain a robust understanding of impacting the public good as a lawyer.

To earn the Distinction, students must:

  1. Complete 16 credits of public good courses (4 experiential)
  2. Enroll and participate in the 0-Credit Public Interest Capstone during their graduating year
  3. Complete a culminating reflection essay during the Capstone

Students are encouraged to:

  1. Participate in academic advising
  2. Participate in legal and non-legal volunteer/public service activities

There is no minimum GPA required, but students must be in good standing to earn the distinction.

For more information, contact Alexi Freeman at

Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208