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At Denver Law, we are a research institution that takes the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge through scholarly discourse quite seriously. While the interests and expertise of faculty span an array of issues, many produce rigorous legal scholarship that affects public interest law. Others have practiced, or continue to practice, in the public sector. Members of our faculty are happy to teach and mentor students during and after law school, regardless of the path that they take. Learn more about a handful of our renowned faculty in the public interest field and their areas of expertise.

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Alexi Freeman, Associate Professor of the Practice, serves as Director of Externships and Public Interest Initiatives. Contact her to learn more about course offerings and public service overall at Denver Law.

Spotlight, Professor Lindsey Webb

Margaret Kwoka

What classes do you teach at Denver Law?

I have taught a variety of courses at Denver Law, including the Civil Rights Clinic and Criminal Defense Clinic, Evidence, Evidence Practicum, Advanced Trial Practice, Critical Race Reading Seminar, and a variety of externship seminars. My primary focus is on courses centered on litigation and policy within the criminal legal system, and I am committed to teaching student-centered experiential classes. I feel so privileged and grateful to have a job that allows me to work with Denver Law students, who inspire me and teach me something new all the time!

What did you do before joining Denver Law?

Prior to coming to the law school, I was a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office. I also was a fellow in the Criminal Defense Clinic at Georgetown Law School. In my more distant past, my various jobs included working retail in Union Station in D.C. and on the 16th Street Mall.

What kind of projects- research/scholarship, pro bono, or otherwise- are you working on outside of your classes?

Teaching in the Clinic means that students are responsible for representing real people in actual cases under my supervision, so that’s a big project! But outside of clinical and other teaching, I try to remain educated and involved in national and state political issues, I work on scholarship focused on criminal law and race (and sometimes both), I serve on committees in the law school (including the Rocky Mountain Collective on Race, Place, and Law), and I am learning how to play the drums.

Why should a student who is interested in public interest law come to DU?

I went to law school outside of Colorado, so when I first arrived here I wasn’t familiar with DU. But within just a few months of practice as a public defender in Colorado I realized that Denver Law was everywhere – and even the newest attorneys knew so much more than me! The Denver Law grads had done clinics, externships, trial practice, on and on -- and they had such a good basis for practicing the law that I was astonished. I think Denver Law has only grown stronger over time, and students at this law school have an amazing array of opportunities to learn about public interest law and lawyering, including representing clients in our excellent clinical program, working for a variety of organizations in our robust externship program, and taking a wide range of law classes that will prepare them to practice in their chosen area of law. And we have a public-service-minded faculty and staff, so public interest students will find a lot of support at Denver Law.

What are you reading right now?

Lately I have been reading Agatha Christie murder mysteries. And I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series with my ten-year-old.

Favorite movie? Favorite tv show? Favorite music artist/genre?

I don’t have a favorite movie, but I love any tv show that is of the genre of The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine – you get the drift. I love all types of music (except any song with an extended guitar solo) and I go to see live music as much as I can.

Recent Scholarship

Faculty Highlights and Intellectual Life shares a more comprehensive list of faculty accomplishments and scholarship, but a sample of public interest-related scholarship is below.

  • Chao, Bernard, Opening the Prosecutions History’s Black Box, Berkeley Technology Law Journal (Online Commentary) (March 6, 2016).
  • Chen, Alan, Free Speech and Democracy in the Video Age, 116 Columbia Law Review (May 2016).
  • Kwoka, Margaret, Inside FOIA, Inc., Yale L. J. Forum (October 2016).
  • Lasch, Christopher, Sanctuary Cities and Dog-Whistle Politics, 42 NEW ENG. J. ON CRIM. AND CIV. CONFINEMENT (June 2016).
  • Leong, Nancy, Identity Entrepreneurs, 104 California Law Review ____ (forthcoming December 2016).
  • Wald, Eli, Can We Talk? Bias, Diversity, and Inclusiveness in the Colorado Legal Community Part 2: Diversity, 45(2) COLO. LAW. 49 (2016) (February 2016).
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