Professional Mentoring Program

History of the Program

Recognizing that his students needed “real world” experience in the first year of law school, then-Lawyering Process Professor Michael G. Massey initiated what is now known as the Professional Mentoring Program (the “Program”) with his two sections of the Lawyering Process (“LP”) class in 2005. During the next year, with help from the Sturm College of Law Alumni Council, the Program expanded to several LP sections. Beginning in academic year 2008-2009, the Program offered every entering first year law student an opportunity to have a professional mentor and approximately 300 mentors were involved with the Program. In 2015 the Program began offering mentors to recent graduates (known as the “Transition Program”).  In 2016, the Program began offering all graduate program students in the law school a mentor.  The Program currently has some 350 mentors who mentor approximately 475 students, including 80-90% of each incoming 1L class to the Juris Doctorate program.  No other law school in the country has such a program.

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