Pro Bono Research Project

Information for Students

Why Participate in the Pro Bono Research Project?

  • Enjoy the Flexibility. Your work in the Pro Bono Research Project will largely take place on your own time, whenever during the day or evening you prefer to complete the project, as long as it is within the timeframe specified by the supervising attorney. This makes it a great option for evening students, students who are working, students with family commitments, students with limited transportation, and other students who may be less likely or less able to participate in more traditional public service legal support activities. Please note: an attorney may ask you to participate in a meeting or the like in person and you should aim to join those meetings if possible.
  • Understand the Role of Pro Bono from the For-Profit Lawyer’s Perspective. The majority of the lawyers who participate in the aforementioned partnerships and/or who engage in pro bono work are for-profit attorneys who find time to do pro bono along with the rest of their work. How do they make this happen? What benefits do they get? What challenges arise? The Pro Bono Research Project is an opportunity to ask those questions and learn about the value of doing pro bono work while you are working in the private sector.
  • Fulfill your Public Service Requirement. At Denver Law, each student is required to perform a minimum of 50 hours of supervised, uncompensated, law-related public service work during law school in order to graduate. By participating in multiple project opportunities or one robust opportunity, you can complete your PSR.

How Do I Participate in the Pro Bono Research Project?

  • Search for an opportunity(s) in the Pro Bono Research Project Database. If an opportunity interests you, contact the lawyer/supervising attorney listed directly.
  • Upon completion of all of your 50 hours, you must complete a Student Certification and Evaluation Form. Note: You must complete your 50 hours in over no more than two consecutive semesters.
  • Your Supervisor must complete the Supervisor Certification and Evaluation Form.
  • This process is identical to the Volunteer Legal Experience process – the only thing that is different logistically is that you can search for opportunities via the specific database.

Contact Alexi Freeman, Director of Externships & Public Interest Initiatives, at, or 303.871.6788 with any questions.

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