Pro Bono Research Project

Information for Attorneys

Why Participate in the Pro Bono Research Project?

  • Get the Legal Support You Need. In the midst of balancing your current caseload, it can be challenging to engage in pro bono work and ensure you are giving 100% effort. Students can assist allowing you to potentially do even more pro bono without sacrificing time away from your other work.
  • Pay it Forward and Expose a Student to the Wonderful World of Pro Bono. Students appreciate, perhaps more than anything, the ability to engage in legal work for an actual attorney – work that matters. It helps them remember why they went to law school! Many students are interested in public service and pro bono, but cannot fathom being able complete job responsibilities and pro bono work effectively. You can serve as an example of doing both. You are encouraged to discuss the value of pro bono with the students.

How Do I Secure Student Support?

  • Attorneys potentially interested in receiving law student support for their pro or low bono work must post a project opportunity for students. Please note not all of the information received will be visible to students (e.g. bar license number not visible, etc.)
  • Once the student completes your project opportunity(s), you are required to complete the Denver Law Supervisor Certification and Evaluation Form, which will be available for the student to review, if he or so chooses to do so. You must complete this form for each different student you work with, but if one student works on multiple opportunities with you, only one form is needed.

Email Alexi Freeman, Director of Public Interest, at or call 303.871.6788 with any questions.

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