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Security Breaches Cost up to $305 Per Lost Record, 4/11/07,

Your Company Monitors your Personal Email, 3/05/07,

Inspectors Review Employee Documents Found in Trash , 3/03/07,

Bill Would Nip Chips in Humans, 1/18/07,

Guidebook Designed to Help Judges Protect Their Personal Privacy, 12/22/06,

Privacy & Information Management Trends for 2007, 12/19/06,

How to (Legally) Spy on Employees, 10/25/06,

Email Privacy in the Workplace, 8/01/06,

What’s the Future of Destop Software? , 7/20/06,

IBM Needs CEO/CIO Privacy Agenda, 5/8/06,

RFID Injection Required for Datacenter Access, 2/11/06,

FDIC Safeguards Personal Employee Information, 1/26/06,

The Value of Protecting Customer Privacy, 1/15/06,

Guidelines for a Privacy Pro, 11/11/05,

TRUSTe Releases New Data on Security Guidelines, 11/4/05,

Public Records Act in Dispute, 10/26/05,

We’re Spamming to Tell You How Much We Respect Your Privacy, 10/26/05,

Liberty Alliance Releases Legal, Privacy Guidelines, 10/11/05,

IBM Pledges to Assure Privacy of Employees’ Genetic Profile, 10/10/05,

Lessons Learned from Corporate Security Breaches, 8/09/05,

Blogs Become Big for Business and for Legal Firms, 8/05/05,

Flood of Email Makes Compliance a Tricky Business, 6/02/05,

Protecting Customers is Good Business, 5/9/05,

Law Firm Ignorant of the Law in Anonymous Emailer Case, 4/21/05,

Privacy Group Publishes Guide to Blogging Anonymously, 4/07/05,

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