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Why Schools Are Flunking Privacy and How They Can Improve, 12/16/2012,
Fordham School of Law’s Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP), headed by Joel Reidenberg, has released an eye-opening and sobering study of how public schools are handling privacy issues with regard to cloud computing. The study is called Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools, and it is well worth a read.

California passes legislation to protect college students’ social media privacy, 08/21/2012,
California’s Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation to bar colleges and universities from requiring students to provide administrators with access to theirsocial media usernames and passwords. Governor Jerry Brown now must sign or veto the bill by Sept. 30.

FTC Advises Parents How to Protect Kids’ Personal Information at School, 08/15/2012,
A new school year usually means filling out paperwork like registration forms, health forms, and emergency contact forms, to name a few. The Federal Trade Commission wants parents to know that many school forms require personal and sensitive information that, in the wrong hands, could be used to commit fraud in their child’s name.

Stepping Into the Breach, 10/25/2011,
If you think your institution is immune to a security breach, perhaps you should have a chat with Brian Rust at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Student loan company: Data on 3.3M people stolen, 3/27/10,
A company that guarantees federal student loans said Friday that personal data on about 3.3 million people nationwide has been stolen from its headquarters in Minnesota.

Webcamgate: Lawyers seek restraining order against district, 2/21/10,
A lawsuit alleging that the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania remotely activated security software on laptops issued to students and spied on students in their homes is shaping up to be a significant case for those interested in surveillance issues, the Fourth Amendment, and/or student privacy.

Heart Monitors in Middle School Gym Class?, 09/15/09,
My son brought home an order form from his middle school. Apparently the 7th (his grade) and 8th graders are being asked (required?) to purchase their own straps for the heart monitors…

Privacy Concerns About U.S. Database, 11/19/08,
As a general rule, big government databases aren’t especially popular…

France Decides That Expressing An Opinion About Your Teachers Should Be Illegal, 03/04/08,

Schools Trade Student Information with Cops, 12/19/06,

College Textbooks are Cybersecurity Breaches, 8/1/06,

Mass. School Puts Confidential Student Psych Reports Online, 12/6/05,

Screening a Child’s Mind
By Gregory M. Lamb, January 20, 2005
Christian Science Monitor
Is it a good idea for our government to implement a plan to require mandatory mental health screenings in our schools?
Click here for the entire article.

Collecting College-Student Data, 9/24/04,

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