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The PII Problem: Privacy and a New Concept of Personally Identifiable Information, 12/06/2011,
Personally identifiable information (PII) is one of the most central concepts in information privacy regulation. The scope of privacy laws typically turns on whether PII is involved.

Reporters’ Roundtable: Who owns your online identity?,
Today, we’re talking about identity. You own your identity, right? That’s why we talk about identity theft. Identity is clearly personal, and it can be stolen from us

12 reasons why we’re losing the identity theft battle, 09/14/2010,
1. Zero Liability has made consumers feel they have nothing to lose….

Heartland breach expenses pegged at $140M — so far, 5/10/2010,
The costs to Heartland Payment Systems Inc. from the massive data breach that it disclosed in January 2009 appear to be steadily adding up.

How Identity Theft Is Like the Ford Pinto, 4/8/2010,
Over on Concurring Opinions, Dan Solove describes a new paper by Chris Hoofnagle:Professor James Grimmelmann likes to shop at Kohl’s. So much so that he applied for credit at Kohl’s. And he got it. The problem is that James Grimmelmann didn’t really apply for anything. It was an identity thief.

2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report: Identity Fraud Continues to Rise, 2/13/10,
More than 11 million adult consumers became victims of identity fraud in 2009, up from nearly 10 million in 2008.

Identity theft victims could seek compensation, 09/10/09,
Identity theft victims will be able to seek compensation for the time and effort it takes to clean up damaged credit history under legislation approved Wednesday (September 9th) by lawmakers, state Rep. Matt Lori announced.

FTC Issues Report on Social Security Numbers and Identity Theft, 12/18/08,
The Federal Trade Commission issued a report today recommending five measures to help prevent Social Security numbers from being used for identity theft. – Check your Username, 11/19/08,
A simple service that might nonetheless come in handy sometime

It has now been over 10 months since the new identity theft law took effect. Under that law…

1.7 Million Canadians Are Victims of Identity Fraud, 11/17/08,
Nearly 1.7 million Canadian consumers were victims of identity fraud in the past year

Stolen Identities Going Cheap, 04/08/08,

FEATURED: Ranking Corporate America on Identity Theft, 02/27/08,

ID Theft Ranking Questioned, 02/16/08,

Washington State Reps. Pass Ban on RFID Skimming, 02/15/08,

CSO Disclosure Series / What’s Next with Disclosure Legislation? 02/13/08,

UK: 14,000 victims of child benefit discs fiasco sign up to website that ‘could win them £300, 02/09/08,

The Cost of ID Theft, Part 2: Fixing the System, 02/06/08,

The Cost of ID Theft, Part 1: Beyond Dollars and Cents, 02/05/08,

Resource: Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards, 1/31/08,

One Year Later: Five Takeaways from the TJX Breach, 1/18/08,

OR: Law Requires Businesses to Protect Personal Data, 12/27/07,

Can Legislation Let People Opt-Out of Having Their Info Show Up Online? ,12/27/07,

Putting a Lock on Data Liability, 12/05/07,

FTC Offers Tutorial for Businesses on Protecting Personal Information, 12/05/07,

Strange Case Takes Identity Theft to New Level, 11/21/07,

ChoicePoint Victims Did Not Take Advantage of Free Offers, 4/10/07,

N.H. Debit & Credit Card Data Stolen in TJX Hacking, 1/26/07,

Agency Loss of Personal Information Widespread, 10/13/06,

Class Action Suit Over ID Theft Tossed Out, 10/12/06,

Hackers Hit AT&T, 8/30/06,

GOA Identifies Secuity Gaps in SSNs, 3/30/06,

IRS Plan Would Allow Sale of Tax Information to Marketers, 3/21/06,, 3/18/06,

Your New Passport has a Computer Virus, 3/17/06,

Privacy Worries Don’t Keep Customers out of Online Surveys and Promotions, 1/30/06,

DOJ Posts Social Security Numbers on Website, 12/28/05,

Valuating Privacy, 12/24/05,

Beyond the Patchwork of Privacy Regulations, 12/8/05,

EFF Files Class Action Against Sony, 11/22/05,

Verizon Sues Again, 11/09/05,

Privacy and RFID: Are the Tags Spy Chips? , 11/04/05,

Scanner Grabs Identity Data From Driver’s License, 10/27/05,

Squabble Continues Over Credit Card Breach, 10/24/05,

Top 10 Mobile Device Privacy Policies, 9/03/05,

New Laws Aim to Protect Personal Data in Washington State, 8/12/05,

Illinois Gov. Blagojevich Signs New Identity Theft Laws, 6/20/05,

Top 10 Customer Data Loss Incidents, 6/18/05,

FTC Says Failure to Protect Private Info is Unfair Business Practice, 6/17/05,

How Savvy Are You About Your Online Security? , 6/01/05,

Privacy Group Chronicles Breaches Involving Theft of Personal Data, 5/24/05,

Privacy v. Openness: A Data Dilemma in the US, 5/18/05,

Microsoft Expert Lays Down 7 Laws of ID Management, 5/11/05,

Google Hacking for Identity Theft Listed as Top Scam, 4/24/05,

ChoicePoint Wins Menace Award, 4/15/05,

Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics, 4/1505,

Inter-Industry Action to Fight Data Breaches, 3/27/2005,

Breach Points Up Flaw in Privacy Laws, 2/24/05,

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