Online Learning Conference

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Resources Contributed by Conference Attendees


Alternative Methods of Teaching and the Effectiveness of Distance Learning for Legal Education

Assessing Online Learning in Law Schools: Students Say Online Classes Deliver

Effective Teaching Online


Distance Learning in Legal Education: Design, Delivery and Recommended Practices

e-learning and the Science of Instruction

Higher Education in the Digital Age

Make it Stick, The Science of Successful Learning

The Online Teaching Survival Guide

Small Teaching Online

Teaching Law Online

An Urgency of Teachers: The Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy

People and organizations

Phil Hill

Hope Kentnor

Ken Randall

DU’s Office of Teaching & Learning experts

International Society for Technology in Education


  • Work with Online Course Developer at your institution
  • Use "Main campus" advice, training, support, resources (for law schools that are affiliated with a university), provided by a Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning or similar office. They've been at this for much longer than we have, typically, and can offer a substantial head start. Also, there may be better continuity between college and law online courses if we are conforming to college models (where appropriate of course).
  • Talk to a faculty member who has developed and taught an online course before to determine if online teaching is a good fit for you and your course.


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