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This site provides searchable access to all Colorado Legislative Council Research Publications, legislation related to each publication, and information on performing legislative history research at the state and federal level.


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About CLC Research Publications

Interim committees are special legislative committees that meet to study issues during the summer and fall months when the legislature is not in session. The legislature makes the decision on the topics to be studied by these committees by adopting joint resolutions or laws creating the committees. The interim committees typically conclude their activities by recommending legislation for the legislature to consider during the next session and publishing a final report of their activity.

As the Colorado General Assembly relies on the Legislative Council’s nonpartisan research contained in these reports, these research publications (along with the Session Laws) comprise Colorado’s most authoritative written legislative history. These reports are valuable to the researching scholar or practitioner as they frequently offer a direct view of legislative intent and a historical context for Colorado’s state laws. The first Research Publication was published in 1954.

About the Project

The Westminster Law Library, with the approval of the Colorado Legislative Council, has digitized these Research Publications in order to provide greater free public access to such reports. The Westminster Law Library has created certain tools to assist in searching the Legislative Council research publications through this Web Site.

Special thanks go to the following people and organizations for their contributions:

Westminster Law Library, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

  • Theresa Baker, Information Technology Librarian – website & database design; supervised scanning / indexing process
  • Patty Wellinger, Reference Services Coordinator – content development
  • Elena Kelty, Library Assistant – worked with bindery to make materials available for easier scanning
  • Zarah Brown, Nonie Kelty, Norah Kissell, Laura Knoblauch, Cody Melton, Jaime Speidel, Amelia Stone, and Emily Thul, who supplied the majority of scanning and file manipulation for this project.

Colorado Legislative Council Library

  • Molly Otto, Manager of Library Services – supplied publications missing from our collection, coordinated project approval from the Colorado Legislative Council

Library & Information Science Program, College of Education, University of Denver

  • Tracy Leming, Reference Librarian, Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck, P.C. – assigned subject headings as part of a service learning project for her MLIS degree
  • Margie Titus, Legal Data Warehouse Manager Counsel, St. Paul Travelers – researched related bills and provided links for additional resources as part of an independent study for her MLIS degree

Colorado Supreme Court Law Library

  • Goldie Burton, Assistant Librarian – inventoried our collection and obtained project approval from the Colorado Legislative Council

Colorado State University Library

  • Doug Ernest, Professor – lent us some publications missing from our collection

Jefferson County Public Library

  • Sharon Partridge, Documents Librarian – sent us some publications missing from our collection

Copyright Information

This website is copyrighted by the University of Denver. However, the Colorado Legislative Council Research Publications are not copyrighted and the information is for public use. Viewing, printing and redistribution is permissible by anyone according to Colorado Public (Open) Records, CRS 24-72-201 – CRS 24-72-206.

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