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The Westminster Law Library has designated noise zones to accommodate patron needs for silent study, group collaboration, and the necessary work of the library.
Law Library users are expected to adhere to the noise levels deemed acceptable for each floor.

Law Library Noise Zones

Green Zone: Second Floor – Quiet Conversational Noise

The Law Library’s main entrance is located on the second floor, and it is the library’s busiest level. The circulation and reference desks are located on this floor, so users can expect to hear a low to moderate level of conversational noise necessary for assisting library patrons. Three DUNet printers are also on this floor — including one color printer — as well as the LexisNexis printer.

Study groups in the Law Library are strongly encouraged to meet in one of the group study rooms. Please reserve a study room online in advance of group study sessions.


Yellow Zone: Third Floor – Quiet Study

The Law Library’s third floor is for quiet individual study, with minimal whispered conversation. Any extended conversations and unnecessary noise must be kept to a minimum.

Cite & Source workshops will held by the various law journals throughout the semester on this floor, which will impact its noise level. Signs for the Cite & Source events will be displayed the week preceding a workshop to inform patrons. Please visit the first floor for a quiet study environment during these times.


Red Zone: First Floor – Silent Study

The Law Library’s first floor is a silent study floor and conversation is strictly prohibited.

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