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The Westminster Law Library recognizes that students and other users often spend many hours in the Law Library. To accommodate this, the Law Library does allow certain types of foods and beverages. Law Library staff are the sole arbiters of acceptable snacks and permissible beverages.

Absolutely no food or beverage of any type is permitted in the Hughes Rare Book Room.



  • Tidy snacks, like those found in the law school vending machines that can be eaten quietly.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in covered containers are permitted in the Law Library. Beverages are not allowed at computer workstations or in the Law Library stacks.
  • For beverages in open coffee cups, please obtain a lid from the circulation assistant or finish your beverage before entering the Law Library. No exceptions will be made to the requirement that beverages have covers.



These items are strictly prohibited in the Law Library:

  • Large meals
  • Foods with pungent smells (e.g. pizza, salad, soup, or sandwiches).
  • Foods that are inherently sticky, messy, and difficult to clean (pastries, yogurt, etc.)

Individuals consuming these types of foods, must use the common areas of the law school outside of the Law Library. Anyone consuming these types of foods in the Law Library will be reminded of the food and drink policy and will be asked to relocate outside of the Law Library.

Flagrant and continued violations may result in sanctions or revoked library privileges.


Acceptable Use and Law Library Behavior

All areas should be as clean as they were before study or use. Trash and recyclables are to be placed in the appropriate containers, and spills should be wiped up. Paper towels are available at the Circulation Desk. Please help us prevent damage to books, furniture, and carpets by reporting any spills to the library staff.

  • Food deliveries to the library are not allowed, except for catered events approved by Library Administration.
  • Unattended food and beverages are subject to disposal by Law Library staff.

Law Library users who refuse to comply with the Food & Drink Policy are considered in violation of the Law Library’s Appropriate Use and Conduct policies.

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