Master's and LLM Degrees

Current Students FAQ

Where can I find the semester dates and holidays?

Take a look at our Academic Calendar for semester dates, registration and other deadlines, and holidays.

Where are the class schedules?

Class schedules can be found here. You can also find a personalized class schedule for your enrolled classes through PioneerWeb by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Student tab.
  2. Click on Registration.
  3. Click on View Registration Information.

Where are the course descriptions?

Course descriptions can be found here. Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

Where is the exam information?

Exam information can be found here.

Where is the exam schedule?

The exam schedule can be found here. Please be sure to check back nearer to the examination period to confirm date, time and location of exam.

Where do I find my grades?

Information about your grades can be found here.

What are the options for studying abroad?

The Denver Law Italy Program is one option for studying abroad. More information about study abroad programs can be found here.

Where is the graduation information?

Information about graduation can be found here.

How do I request my transcripts?

Information about requesting your transcripts can be found here.

What career advising services are available?

The Graduate Legal Studies program offers career advising services to its students.

Where can I find information about externships?

Information about externships can be found here. The staff at Graduate Legal Studies can offer you more advice on specific externships that will best suit your needs.

How do I reserve a study room?

Study room reservations can be made here up to two weeks in advance. Please make sure to read the Study Room Policies before reserving.

What disability accommodations are available?

Information about disability accommodations can be found here. More information regarding what is considered a disability and what help is provided at DU can be found here.

Which student organizations can I join?

This is a list of all the student organizations at the Sturm College of Law. Please note that as an LLM or Masters student you may not be able to join some organizations.

Where is the calendar of events?

The calendar of events can be found here.

My question is not listed here. Who should I ask?

If your question is not listed here then please search the Student Handbook. More useful links can be found in the Current Students section. If you still cannot find an answer then please contact Graduate Legal Studies and we will be happy to help you.

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