Master's and LLM Degrees

Graduation Requirements

A student must achieve at least a 2.7 cumulative grade point average to graduate from the Sturm College of Law with any degree other than a Juris Doctor. The Sturm College of Law will not graduate and will dismiss any students who have satisfied the course requirements for graduation in a non-JD program, but who have not maintained the required minimum 2.7 cumulative grade point average.

Students must complete the required minimum credit hours in order to graduate. This will likely be either 24 semester credits or 30 semester credits, depending on the specific program. Please visit the respective pages for each program for more information regarding credit requirements. The summer semester is considered a “regular term” for purposes of evaluating satisfactory progress toward good standing.

Please note that College of Law does not rank non-JD students. All final degree certification is completed by the Office of Graduate Education.

Graduation Procedures

It is student’s responsibility to be aware of his or her progress in fulfilling degree/certificate requirements. Students are encouraged to track their progress on a regular basis using the Degree Audit in PioneerWeb. For detailed instructions on using the Degree Audit, please click here. You can access your unofficial transcript through PioneerWeb.

It is also student’s responsibility to follow the required procedures and adhere to the timelines necessary to apply for graduation, as outline below. Please note that dual degree JD/LLM students must submit a separate graduation application for the LLM program.

Forms to Complete

  1. Sturm College of Law Intent to Graduate Form
    For all non-Tax LLM, MLS, and MSLA students.
    Graduate Tax Intent to Graduate Form
    For all Graduate Tax students (both LLM and MT).
  2. University of Denver Application for Graduation
    Must be completed by all students.

Late Graduation Applications must be approved by GLS and the Office of Graduate Education.


LLM (non-Tax), MLS and MSLA:
Apply for graduation by the end of the first week of the semester of intended graduation.

Tax (LLM and MT):
Apply by the add/drop deadline at least two quarters prior to the intended quarter of graduation.

Commencement Information

Attendance is optional. Students who participate in a graduation ceremony are required to wear the appropriate academic regalia. The Graduate Tax program hosts their own graduation exercises.

For information relating to the University of Denver graduation ceremonies, please click here.
For details regarding the Sturm College of Law commencement activities, please click here.

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