Diversity at Denver Law

Pipeline Conference 2015

The 2015 Denver Law Pipeline Conference, held Saturday, March 28, addressed topics of social justice lawyering, access to legal education, what law school is like, and the kind of work lawyers do. Attendees included over one hundred diverse students – undergraduate, high school and middle school – interested in law school and the legal profession. Highlights of this great day at Denver Law:

  • To open the conference, Justin Hansford, Assistant Professor at St. Louis University School of Law, Kimberly Norwood, Professor at Washington University School of Law, and Carlton Waterhouse, Professor at Indiana University McKinney School of Law, spoke on the topic, “Lawyering for Social Justice: Race, Activism and the law on the Ground in Ferguson.”
  • The 24 speakers at the 2015 Pipeline Conference included Denver Law students, faculty and staff; faculty members from five additional law schools; admissions officers and representatives from Denver Law, Colorado Law, Washburn Law and Wyoming Law; and four local attorneys.
  • In addition to plenary sessions for all attendees, the conference included break-out sessions designed for undergraduate students and for high school/middle school students.
  • Students registering to attend the conference came from 24 colleges and universities and 33 high school and middle schools.

See the 2015 Denver Law Pipeline Conference program here.

Pipeline conference

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