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Of The University of Denver Sturm College of Law

2016-2017 National Trial Team
2016-2017 National Trial Team
1st column on the left (bottom to top): Joshua Mangiagli, Joel Zink, Justin Friedberg; 2nd column (bottom to top): Elizabeth Austin, Reid Dechant, Taylor Leighton;
3rd column (bottom to top): Taylor McCreary, Gavin Jacobs, Joshua Abromovitz;
4th column (Center of photo): Chelsea Moore;
5th column (bottom to top): Sarah Colburn, S. Lindsey Peterson , Alexander Duncan; 6th column (bottom to top): Mackenzie Ludwig, William Bode, Timothy Tarr; Last column (bottom to top): Dirk Remily, Lucas Corliss

National Trial Teach Coaches
National Trial Team Coaches
Bottom row (left to right): Nicole Quintana, Diana Sada, Kyle McFarlane, Katelyn Konecny
Top row (left to right): David Schott, Sean Olson, Kevin Keyes, Chris Wilcox, Garrik Storgaard, Brad Moloney



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