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The Advocates Cup

THE 2020 ADVOCATES CUP IS CANCELLED. Students interested in participating in the mock trial event being organized by the Student Trial Lawyer's Association should contact the STLA directly.


SPRING 2019.  The Center for Advocacy recently crowned this year’s The Advocates Cup’s Champions & Best Advocates.  The Advocates’ Cup pairs 1Ls with 2L & 3L partners, to help students be practice-ready graduates. This year’s award recipients are:

THE CHAMPIONS!  Pictured L-R:  Lukas Dregne (1L), Daniel Steinhauser (2L), Young Shin (2L), Joseph Soloway (1L).


Justin Vanderveer (1L), Joshua Dunn (2L), Mckenna Mayfield (3L)



THE CHAMPIONS!  Pictured L-R:  James Taravella (1L), Kristin Day (1L), Allison Takacs (2L), Sam Gangemi (2L).  CFA Director, David C. Schott

Most Professional Team (tie): Bryn Barasha, Martin Tenorio, Brett Kaplan; Lauren Knapp & Danielle Mark

Best Upperclassmen “Themis Advocate” (tie): Jessica Cordero, Josh Mangiagli

Best 1L “Themis Advocate”: Brett Kaplan

The Advocates Cup is a three-day, four-round, educational tournament presented annually by The Center for Advocacy, that is open to all 1L, 2L, 3L and 4L-Evening students. 

MENTORING.  The Cup is premised upon the principles of mentoring, as each trial squad is required to be comprised of both 1L students and upperclassmen.  Thus, the less experienced students obtain guidance and instruction from their more experienced colleagues.  The more experienced students perhaps learn even more by having to teach their less-experienced teammates (“Teach Once, Learn Twice.”)

PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION.  Through the weekend experience students will receive feedback from actual practicing attorneys and presiding judges

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES.  The Cup also helps students build professional relationships and create networking opportunities.

EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS.   Educationally, The Advocates Cup is one of the most valuable educational experiences for law school students during their law school career.  The benefits include:

Better educate and prepare students for their summer externships and jobs, and ultimately, their careers.

●  Learn the law in subject-matter specific areas in the criminal and civil arenas.

●  Learn and apply the principles and rules of civil and criminal procedure.

●  Teach students to apply evidentiary principles, theories and precedential laws learned in their Evidence course. 

●  Require students to employ their critical thinking and logic processes learned in their doctrinal courses through structuring logical and persuasive examinations and arguments.

●  Learn and experience the stages and phases of an actual trial.

●  Defend their evidentiary analysis by making and responding to objections at lightning-fast speed.

●  Refine their professional writing techniques through motions, argument, and examination, drafting.

●  Improve their persuasion and advocacy skills.

Perennially, the event is a wonderful camaraderie-building practical and professional educational experience for the student of our law school.  Please access the links below to learn about the “Important Dates”, “The Tournament Rules”, “Past Champions” and more.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of the Center for Advocacy, David C. Schott (

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