Judge David Edward Oral History

Remarks/Lectures About EU Law

Video TitleDateTimeVideo Link
Brexit: What does it mean for the United Kingdom, the European Union and the WorldDecember 5, 201633 MinutesView Video
Remarks to the DU Law School Faculty: “Nationalism, Constitutionalism, and the Future of the European UnionOctober 20, 200958 MinutesView Video
The Lisbon Treaty, Questions and Answers About Articles Written in 2008-2009, & Reflections on Jean MonnetOctober 20, 200952 MinutesView Video
Reflections on the European UnionOctober 20, 200925 MinutesView Video
Observations About the European Union’s Proposed Reform Treaty (The Lisbon Treaty)April 18, 200827 MinutesView Video
Reflections on the Economic Assumptions Underlying the EEC Treaty of 1957April 13, 200810 MinutesView Video
Remarks to the DU Law School Faculty: “Thinking about Constitutions”January 25, 200738 MinutesView Video
Key Aspects of EU Law for non EU Businesses and Lawyers: EU Competition (Antitrust ) LawJanuary 24, 200710 MinutesView Video
The European Union in 2006: Reflecting on Major IssuesJanuary 24, 200721 MinutesView Video
Part One, Why American Lawyers Should be Familiar with European Union LawJanuary 24, 200756 MinutesView Video
Comparing Court Systems: The European Union and the United StatesJanuary 23, 200760 MinutesView Video
European Union Environmental Law: Background and DevelopmentJanuary 22, 200724 MinutesView Video
European Court of Justice Development and Reflections on Law of the Internal MarketApril 8, 200547 MinutesView Video
Reflections on European Union Competition Law and PolicyApril 7, 200526 MinutesView Video
Why There is a European Union and the Role of the European Court of Justice in the Development of the EUApril 6, 200551 MinutesView Video
Overview of the European CourtsMarch 3, 200442 MinutesView Video
U.S. and European Courts: Panel Discussion at Cardozo University School of Law
Judge Edward can be seen speaking between 8 min. 15 sec. to 15 min. 55 sec.; 69 min. 55 sec. to 70 min. 45 sec.; 75 min. 50 sec. to 76 min. 46 sec.; 112 min. 50 sec. to 114 min. 45 sec.; and 118 min. 45 sec. to 121 min. 58 sec.
April 16, 2000120 MinutesView Video
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