Judge David Edward Oral History

The Judge David Edward Oral History website collects, preserves, and makes readily accessible historical information about Judge Edward, a member of the Court of Justice of the European Communities from 1992-2004.

The website’s highlight is a collection of video interviews (and transcripts of those interviews) undertaken with Judge Edward in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2005.

The full-text of more than 100 of Judge Edward’s published papers beginning in 1963 are also included.

New materials on the website include additional interviews and speeches given by Judge Edward. Moreover, Judge Edward’s contributions are put in greater context by a series of interviews with a selection of his colleagues and friends.

This oral history allows David Edward – and those who know him best – to, in effect, “tell his story,” a story that in many respects parallels the rise of the European Union from its 1950s origin as a modest undertaking of six Western European countries to what is widely considered today as the greatest experiment ever in supranational government.

From his birth in a small Scottish town to his service on the Europe Union’s highest court, Judge David Edward’s life and career have been both inspiring and instructive. Indeed, a book published in 2004 in honor of his retirement from the Court of Justice referred to him as “A True European.”

In this oral history, Judge Edward shares his unique perspectives and offers personal observations about his experiences, his career, and the European Union.

His life has been marked by service and accomplishment, and his contributions have influenced – and undeniably opened opportunities for – today’s and tomorrow’s European Union citizens.

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