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Announcements submitted through this system must be University sponsored.

Use this form to submit your announcement to: Website, Kiosks, Lobby Screens and Daily/Weekly Emails.

Proceed to the flyer wizard where you can design an electronic flyer or upload your own.

Uploaded files must conform to an 11" x 8.5" landscape format PDF or JPG.

Your event flyer will be displayed on lobby monitors and the website.

Announcement Details

Announcements can be submitted to run for up to 2 weeks in our daily Announcements email, as well as on our TV screens. Announcements can be done in addition to an Event submission, to help get the word out, but should not run past the Event date. Announcements submitted and approved before 3:00pm will be included in the daily student email message tomorrow morning and on the display kiosks.

  • A short summary of the event. This is used along with the title to feature your event on the website.

    Announcement Title is required.

  • Consider what message you are trying to get out and that your reader will know what to do from your announcement text. Things to possibly include: Date, Time, Where, When, Who should be involved, a website link for additional information, etc.

    Use bullet points and/or multiple paragraphs to make this easy to read.

    Announcement Text is required.

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    Select the appropriate category for your event.
  • Display Dates

    Enter a start date and an end date for your announcement. The display time will be limited to 2 weeks. If your announcement pertains to an event, please make sure your date range does not run past your event.
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    The following information will be included in the event announcement.

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