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The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute was established to conduct education and research programs on legal and public policy issues related to land use and development. For 25 years, RMLUI has been leading a discussion in the West about the challenges presented by growth and innovative ideas for addressing them.

2018 Western Places/Western Spaces Conference
Disruption, Innovation, and Progress

How do we plan for the future when we don’t know what it holds? This is a common dilemma for planners and land use practitioners everywhere. Despite the best-laid plans, new practices or technology can disrupt the entire process. The sharing economy, smart city technology, and autonomous cars have already made a big impact in cities. But disruptive influences impact rural areas, too, as the use of drones for land management attests.

In addition to all the change being brought about by technology and innovation, communities also have to contend with the disruptions brought on by natural processes. How do communities embed resilience and adaptation in their long-range planning to address potential impacts caused by extreme weather events?

In a world full of disruptions, how do we build infrastructure and craft policies that not only meet our present-day needs, but also have the flexibility to adapt to future scenarios? These questions will help frame our discussions at the 2018 Western Places/Western Spaces conference.

Our keynote this year is Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative. For years, people have known that being outside, or even seeing a slice of nature through a window, has made us calmer and more productive. Williams will discuss the effects of nature on brain chemistry and just why nature is not just important to our happiness, but also our cognitive abilities.

Other highlights of the 2018 Western Places/Western Spaces conference are listed below. For a schedule and description of the sessions, please download the program. We will post updates as they become available.

Introduction to Real Estate Law
This full-day workshop on Wednesday, March 7 provides an introductory course for planners and lawyers on the legal foundation for real estate transactions. A panel of experts will cover everything about how real estate transactions work, from basic property law and covenants to the role of government and planners in the transactions.

Mobile Tours
Thursday’s tour, “Ditch the Ditch,” will visit the 10-mile stretch of Interstate 70 in northeast Denver where the current viaduct system is slated to be replaced by a widened below-grade segment.

On Friday, plan to grab a lunch to eat on the way to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, home to a herd of bison. Hear from experts on how wildlife can be a real estate amenity, and learn how the bison are faring amidst the construction boom around the airport.

Continuing Education

CLE, CRE, and AICP credits will be available. Please contact Lisa Loranger for more information.