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Publication Examples


True West: Authentic Development Patterns for Small Towns and Rural Areas – $30.00

Christopher J. Duerksen and James van Hemert

Millions of Americans are moving west, attracted by the big skies, majestic scenery, abundant wildlife, and a romantic past. Many developments built to accommodate these newcomers flout the landscape and ignore local traditions, threatening the very qualities that make the West beautiful and unique. But it is not too late to preserve the best of the West for future generations. True West translates the key elements of authentic Western development patterns into design guidelines for expansion and new development. Comprehensive case studies examine contemporary developments that harmonize with the historic and natural landscape. True West is an exceptional resource for Western planners and elected officials who are committed to ensuring growth that respects the region’s distinctive character and natural environment.


A Guide to Impact Fees and Housing Affordability – $30.00

Arthur C. Nelson, Liza K. Bowler, Julian C. Juergensmeyer, and James C. Nicholas

A Guide to Impact Fees and Housing Affordability demonstrates for practitioners exactly how a fair impact-fee program can be designed and implemented. In addition, it includes information on the history of impact fees and discusses alternatives to them, summarizes state legislation that can influence the design of local fee programs, and provides case studies with useful illustrations of successful programs.

Land Use Law, Housing and Social and Territorial Cohesion

Edited and Translated by Juli Ponce Sole

Land Use Law, Housing and Social and Territorial Cohesion Book Cover

Price: $34.95

Development Impact Fees in the Rocky Mountain Region, 2nd Edition

Edited by J. Bart Johnson and James van Hemert.

Development Impact Fees Book Cover

This publication provides a detailed overview and discussion of federal constitutional law, state statutes, and case law that govern the imposition of development impact fees in the eight Rocky Mountain states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The book includes discussion of salient issues and provides guidelines for workable and defensible implementation of development impact fees.

Price: $59.95