Talk with Nigerian Human Rights Attorney Hauwa Ibrahim

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Room 170


Please join the International Law and Human Rights Program, a joint certificate of the Josef Korbel School and the Sturm College of Law, as we welcome Hauwa Ibrahim, a Nigerian Human Rights Attorney. Ms. Ibrahim spent five years at Harvard University, 2008-2013. Prior to joining Harvard Divinity School as a visiting Lecturer (2010-2013), Ibrahim was a Radcliffe Fellow and a jointly appointed Fellow to the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program and the Islamic Legal Studies Program.

Hauwa Ibrahim was born in a rural village Hinnah, in Gombe State of Northern Nigeria where she was ingrained with values that have strengthened her life’s journey and resolve. Moving from a more simple village life that included household chores such as water and firewood portage, evolving to a State supported girls education, Hauwa eventually trained as an attorney with the goal of contributing to justice for those who may not have its access.

Now, an internationally recognized human rights lawyer, she, with her teams has won numerous precedent setting appeals before the Islamic Shariah courts of Nigeria. She taps into that experience in her book “Practicing Shariah Law: Seven Strategies for Achieving Justice in Shariah Courts”, which provides real-world insights into the intricacies of Shariah law.

Thank you to the Josef Korbel School and the International Legal Studies Program for your support of this event.

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