Homeless Advocacy Policy Project

Records Requests Responses by City

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Municipal Code 115/1_2010-12_2014 Citation 115 (PDF)

Municipal Code 117/1_2010-12_2014 Citations Code 117 pg. 1 (PDF)

Municipal Code 117/1_2010-12_2014 Citation 117 Pg. 2 (PDF)

Municipal Code 117/1_2010-Dec.2014 Citation 117 Pg. 3 (PDF)

Municipal Code 119/1_2010-12_2014 Loitering in Colfax-Code 119 (PDF)

Municipal Code 134-360/1_2010-12_2014 Citation 134 (PDF)

Jan. 2010-Dec.2014 Loitering and Solicitation Report Aurora pg. 1 (PDF)

Jan. 2010-Dec.2014 Loitering and Solicitation Report Aurora pg. 2 (PDF)


Boulder Total Municipal Code Citations (PDF)

Specified Homeless raw (Excel)


Broomfield Muni Dispo (Excel)

Broomfield Muni Dispo 2 (Excel)

Broomfield Muni Dispo 3 (Excel)

Muni Code Homeless (Police) (Excel)


Commerce City

12012015 DU CORA Request (Excel)

Commerce City City Clerk Response

Commerce City Municipal Court Response (Word Doc)

Commerce City Redacted (Excel)


2010-2014 Camping (Excel)

2010-2014 Obstruction (Excel)

2010-2014 Panhandling (Excel)

2010-2014 Solicitation (Excel)

2010-2014 Swim or Bathe (Excel)

2010-2014 Trespass (Excel)

2010-2014 Urinating (Excel)

Denver/2010-2014 (Excel)

Denver City, County Records Coordinator Updated Data (Word Doc)


Citations issued for each year 2010-2014 (PDF)

Durango Record Request Data (Excel)



Edgewater Broken up By Year (PDF)

Edgewater PD (PDF)

Fort Collins

Fort Collins Citation Data (Excel)

Fort Collins Municipal Court Data (PDF)

Fort Collins Municipal Court Data2 (PDF)

Fort Collins Municipal Court Data3 (PDF)

Grand Junction

Grand Junction Police Response 1-5 (PDF)

Grand Junction Sheriff Response 11 (PDF)



Lakewood Police (Excel)

Lakewood Responses (Excel)

Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge Responses (PDF)


Arvada Police (PDF)

Colorado Springs Police Dept (PDF)

Craig Response 1-10 (PDF)

Littleton (PDF)

Montrose Response 1-10 (PDF)

Pueblo Reed (Word Doc)

Salida Citation Information (PDF)


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