Homeless Advocacy Policy Project

(Top Row l-r: Elie Zwiebel (Research Fellow, Gregory Huckaby, Joshua Mitson, Michael Bishop, Bridget DuPey, David Brewster, Professor Nantiya Ruan; Bottom Row l-r: Darren O’Connor, Nikki Jones, Ashley Kline, Anna Fullerton, Mamie Parks)

Shifting Gears: Moving Colorado Away from Criminalizing Vehicle Residency and Towards Safe Parking

The Homeless Advocacy Policy Project (HAPP) at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is a student-driven project focused on researching the laws criminalizing homelessness and advocating for the rights of homeless individuals.

HAPP works with partners Denver Homeless Out Loud and the Western Regional Advocacy Project to explore legal issues facing Colorado’s homeless residents.

HAPP’s work has included:

Professor Nantiya Ruan is the faculty lead for HAPP. She focuses her instruction on engaging students with community partners.

Eli Zwiebel (DU Law Alum and Research Fellow for HAPP); Mamie Parks (3L); Professor Nantiya Ruan (faculty advisor for HAPP); Darren O'Connor (2L) - testified on March 14, 2018 before Local Government Committee of the Colorado Legislature, in support of the Right to Rest Act.

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