Student Affairs

Guidelines for Use of Study Rooms


  • Study rooms may only be reserved for groups of 3 or more. Only students, faculty and staff of the College of Law and its affiliated programs may use study rooms. Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance by using the Study Room Reservation website. If you experience problems call 303-871-6464.
  • Ordinarily, only the Registrar’s Office or Student Affairs may reserve study rooms for individuals and then only for the purpose of taking out of sequence exams.
  • Individuals are free to study in unreserved study rooms, but must yield the room if so requested by a group with a valid study room reservation form. To check room availability, please use the Study Room Reservation website.
  • Any time fewer than 3 people are using a study room, others may join them.
  • Groups who have reserved study rooms always have priority use.
  • Groups that include at least one wheelchair have a priority in reserving Study Rooms #146, 245, and 372.
  • If a group does not include an individual with a mobility impairment, it should not reserve disabled access rooms (unless there are no other rooms available).
  • When signing up for a room there is a 3 hour limit for the entire student group.
  • Students may reserve rooms up to two weeks in advance. All study rooms not reserved are available on a first come, first serve basis, with groups of 3 or more having priority.
  • Students who reserve study rooms but whose plans change are expected to use the Study Room Reservation website to cancel their reservation.
  • Study rooms within the library must be vacated when the library closes.
  • The Reflection Room can only be reserved for 30 minutes.


PURPOSE: To ensure that study rooms are available for use by students of the COL and its affiliated programs for group study/project purposes; to maximize the use of the study rooms to the greatest benefit of students; and to encourage students to think ahead regarding their need for use of study rooms.

It is not the intent of this policy to anticipate and prevent every possible scenario one might feel is unfair. Law students are adults and expected to act in a way that is consistent with the honor code. Abuse of rooms by individuals or groups will be handled by Student Affairs. If systematic abuses appear, this policy may be modified to prevent continued abuse.

The reservation system is available online. Students will sign up for rooms based on the number in their group and the times available. Faculty, Staff and Teaching Assistants who need to reserve study rooms should contact Student Affairs if they are uncertain as to the procedures or rules that apply to them. Study rooms may only be reserved by groups of 3 or more from COL and its affiliated programs, students, faculty and staff. Please report abuses of this policy to Student Affairs at (303) 871-6184.



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