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1L Day Senator:

  • Claire Pakis:

    "I, Claire Pakis, am excited to submit my candidacy for the day program’s 1L Senator position. My main goals include: furthering DU’s demonstrated attention to sustainability by catching up the Law School with the innovations that surround the rest of the campus, by creating more opportunities for inclusivity via fostering relationships between minority student alliances and the rest of the student body, and by making a better effort to reflect the demographic of Denver at DU Law. I am also interested in bridging the apparent gap between the part-time program and the day school, where students are better able to access each other and similar resources.

    Speaking to my qualifications to represent the day section, my involvement with the school exceeds that of just attending DU Law, as I also completed my undergraduate degree here. I was involved in various leadership positions across different student organizations and maintained an active relationship with many of the faculty and staff. I am happy to share a complete CV with whomever may be interested.

    I am passionate about providing well-rounded, inclusive experiences for University of Denver students, alumni, and community members. I would be honored to represent the 1L day school as Senator on the 2018-2019 Student Bas Association."

  • Connor Shantz:

    "I do not pretend to know exactly all the issues impacting student life here at DU. What I do contend however, is that if elected, I will exercise to the best of my ability, reasonable and prudent judgement in determining how I can use my position to represent my fellow classmates. As a 1L not yet a month into his path towards a JD, I do not apply to position on fake promises. My only goal is to act as a true representative of my fellow classmates, working to ensure that I am presenting them a seat at the table and a voice in the SBA. I have a lot to learn, however, I know that I am willing and capable of exceeding any and all expectations of this position. I am surrounded by incredibly bright and motivated peers, worthy of a student government acting in their best interest, with the same enthusiasm and integrity that they approach their education. They deserve someone willing to stop talking and start listening. I would be honored to represent them on the SBA. Thank you."

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