Policies and Procedures for Testing Accommodations

Exam Accommodation Form

Policies and Procedures for Testing Accommodations

It is your responsibility to read, and sign your accommodation form (below) acknowledging that you have read the following:

Before the Exam

  1. Students who have been approved to receive testing accommodations must submit a request for each exam for which the student wishes to receive accommodation to the Student Affairs Office a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the first exam. Failure to submit a request on time may result in the inability to provide an accommodation for that exam.
  2. Students should download the Exam 4 software and take a practice exam prior to arriving for the accommodated exam.
  3. The Student Affairs Office will be in touch with each student about the date, time, and location of the exam no less than 72 hours prior to the exam. Please note that accommodated exams are always on the same date and generally begin at 12:00 noon.
  4. If the professor changes the type of exam, please alert the Registrar’s Office.

Day of the Exam

  1. Students are expected to arrive on time to the designated testing room.
  2. Students may bring a time piece that is not a cell phone.
  3. If there is excessive noise inside or outside of the testing room during the exam, alert the Registrar’s Office immediately by going to office (Suite 235).
  4. Materials in the testing room:
    1. Students may only bring in materials that have been preapproved by instructors. Proctors may require proof of the approval of open books/notes or computer use.
    2. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room.
    3. Food and drinks are allowed in the testing room so long as they do not disrupt other students.
    4. Breaks to use the restroom or get food/drink may be monitored by the proctor. Lengthy absences will be reported to the Registrar’s Office. Exams or other materials should not be taken out of the testing room during breaks.
  5. Testing Rooms
    1. If a student is granted the accommodation of testing in a minimal distraction environment, that does not guarantee of a private testing room. Rather, students who have testing accommodations may be placed in a testing room with other students who are taking “out of sequence” exams. Students taking the same exam will be seated away from one another.
    2. Private testing rooms are granted rarely and may be provided to a student who has demonstrated a need, who is working with a scribe for dictation, using a computer screen reader or other audible technology, a medical condition that requires isolation, or other situations deemed appropriate.
  6. All exams may be proctored at any time.
  7. The Registrar/proctor may provide disposable ear plugs to students upon request. Headphones may not be used without prior approval.

After Your Final Exam

  1. When the exam is complete, students must immediately return the exam and any other testing related materials to the proctor or Registrar’s Office.

Other Information

  1. The standard time extension for timed exams is 50% additional time. Requests for additional time are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This time extension is for in-class exams only.

Additionally, there are some differences in testing accommodations when it comes to take-home exams and online exams. Due to the nature of take-home and online exams the following structure is in place:

Take-Home & Online Exams:

For those approved for 50% additional time:

  • If the exam is 1-12 hours, the student will receive 50% more time (time and a half – 1.5)
  • If the exam is 13-48 hours, the student will receive 25% more time (time and a quarter – 1.25)
  • If the exam is 49+ hours, extended time will be granted if needed and appropriate in consultation with a law school administrator (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, not the instructor).

For those approved for 100% additional time:

  • If the exam is 1-12 hours, the student will receive 100% more time (double time)
  • If the exam is 13-48 hours, the student will receive 50% more time (time and a half)
  • If the exam is 49-72 hours, the student will receive 25% more time.
  • If the exam is 73+ hours, extended time will not be granted.

Any student who wishes to dispute the limitations of the online/take-home test format will need to contact their Accommodations Specialist in the Disability Services Program. Please contact Student Affairs if you have any questions.

Exam Accommodation Form


Student ID:


Please complete the following chart for all classes in which you have an exam for which you need accommodations. If after submitting this form, your situation has changed so that you require different accommodations, please contact Jessica Boynton in the Student Affairs Office.

Class Name Professor Date & Time of Exam Type of Exam (8 hr. take-home, in-class exam, etc.)

Please give us your current telephone number so we can contact you by phone if necessary.

Telephone Number:

Please submit this form no later than 1 week before your first exam. The Student Affairs Office will contact you regarding the exact date, time, and location of your exam.

Please Note: Though your accommodations may include a minimal distraction environment, this does not guarantee you a private room unless specifically indicated. In addition, a proctor may enter and leave the examination room at any time.

Please Note: Generally, accommodated exams begin at 12:00 noon on the day of the exam unless arranged otherwise in advance.

By checking this box I acknowledge that I have read and understand the policies and procedures for testing accommodations set by the Office of Student Affairs and the Disability Services Program which can be found above.
I have read and understand the policies and procedures for testing accommodations.