Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for the Legal AdministratorServen, JimM44101186220MSLA Course - Class cancelled due to low enrollment
Accounting for the Legal Administrator (Online)Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineM441011872MSLA Course - Online
Court Space, Facilities, and Security (Online)Bolton, Brad / Ehrlich, SteveOnlineM421511982
EvidenceHardaway, BobL42351225430Cap of 30 students - CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Human ResourcesMasias, MindyM41211190215Class cancelled due to low enrollment
Human Resources (Online)Koelling, DemetraOnlineM412111912MSLA Course - Online
Insurance LawLaugesen, RichardL430410803ULW10CANCELLED
Introduction to Small Practice ManagementRanniger, LeslieL442110973480F15Cancelled due to low enrollment
Introduction to the U.S Judicial System (Online)DeBoyes, ZeldaOnlineM430011953MSLA Course - Online
Law Firm Administration (Online)Winfield, ElizabethOnlineM420111973MSLA Course - Online
Legal Practice Seminar (Online)Peterson, PeteOnlineL442011152JD/MSLA Course - Online
MSLA Directed ResearchKentnor, HopeOnlineM49991203MSLA Course
MSLA ExternshipKentnor, HopeOnlineM50101202MSLA Course
Statistics for the Legal Administrator (Online)Salyards, LorriOnlineM441511932MSLA Course - Online
The Business of the CourtsBolton, BradM42001188320 Class cancelled due to low enrollment
The Business of the Courts (Online)Bolton, Brad / Ehrlich, SteveOnlineM420011893MSLA Course - Online
The Fundamentals of Comparative Law (Online)Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / McKenna, WayneOnlineM432011993MSLA Course - Online
Trial Practice II - DepositionsEkker, AngelaL4700Class cancelled due to low enrollment
Trial Practice II - Motions PracticeRice, NancyL46341124312Class Cancelled
Wills LabHammond, ByronMiscL468611631PUBL0This class meets at irregular intervals, and is not actually online. Prerequisite: Trusts & Estates; You must place yourself on the waitlist in order to register.