Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for LawyersBowers, StaceyM,W6:00PM-7:15PML40063170140Priority to Corp/Commercial Certificate Students - Interested students should wait list.
Administrative LawFelter, EdT,R6:00PM-7:15PML4025328050
Civil Rights Claims for the Spanish-Speaking ClientRamírez, RobertoM,W6:15PM-7:30PML4705349912
Commercial Law SurveyHurley, TimothyT,R5:40PM-7:20PML4131412575
Constitutional LawLaitos, JanM,W7:30PM-9:10PML4164417050
Contracts DraftingRitsick, JohnM6:00PM-8:30PML41783ULW41014
Criminal ProcedureFarrell, IanT,R6:00PM-7:15PML4200318075
EvidenceSteinhauser, KarenT,R7:30PM-9:10PML42351039425575
Evidence PracticumMoloney, BradT6:00PM-8:30PML4237325914Students must have taken Evidence prior to taking this course.
Intellectual Property Capstone: Information/PrivacyTopelson Ritvo, DaliaR6:00PM-9:00PML47051109141014Class will meet on 8/30, 9/6, 9/13, and 9/27.
International & Comparative Petroleum LawOki, TonyeR6:00PM-8:30PML4343325920
International Practice & ProcedureMatthews, MeganM,W6:00PM-7:15PML47033ULW45010Professor permission only. Jessup students may place themselves on the wait list.
Juvenile LawClark, LaurieT,R6:00PM-7:15PML4350349922
Legal Analysis StrategiesKatzman, AlonitT,R7:30PM-8:45PML4032312550
Legal Externship Seminar: Semester in PracticeFreeman, AlexiT6:00PM-9:00PM2EA145Professor permission required. Interested students should wait list and contact the Externship office.
Legal ProfessionMoore, Justin (J.P)M,W7:30PM-8:45PML4425325550
Modern Financial Crime: Enforcement of Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, and Anti-Corruption Laws in the Bitcoin AgeFlanagan, JoannaR6:00PM-8:30PML4707314520
Patent DraftingHolzer, RickT6:00PM-8:30PML4702227022Class will not meet from 9/12 - 10/15. Projects assigned during interim period.
PropertyRomero, TomM,W5:40PM-7:20PML44901078427040
Representing Clients before the SECKarpel, Ian / Oraker, JeffreyW6:00PM-8:30PML4618331314
Sentencing LawKapoor, AmyW6:00PM-7:40PML4702214515
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsSteinhauser, KarenW7:30PM-10:00PML463510893EA35516Must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Evidence.
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsKlingensmith, VictoriaT6:00PM-8:30PML46353EA19012Must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Evidence.
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsMcGahey, RobertM,W7:30PM-8:45PML40423EA25912Students must complete Trial Practice I before taking Trial Practice II.
Trial Practice II - Litigation TechnologiesBrauchler, George / Deasy, DanT6:00PM-8:30PML44363EA43714Students must complete Trial Practice I before taking Trial Practice II.
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamSchott, DavidR6:30PM-9:00PML502611193EA15548Professor Permission Only. Interested students should wait list.
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamMadden, JohnR6:30PM-9:00PML50263EA19048Professor Permission Only. Interested students should wait list.
Trusts & EstatesHammond, ByronM,W5:40PM-7:20PML4640428050
Veterans Advocacy Project- Field Work & SeminarVessels, Ann / Shea, Mike / Franklin, TimM5:45PM-8:15PML50251150/11516EAPUBL43712Professor permission only. 3 in class credits/3 out of class credits.