Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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ABA Representation in Mediation CompetitionRice Carlson, SarahT,R6:00PM-8:00PMLAWS 470310212EA499/25510Professor permission only. Interested students should waitlist and contact the professor for more information (Sarah.Carlson@dgslaw.com). Meeting times are flexible.
Accounting and Finance Management in Legal Business (Online)Clarke, BrendaOnlineOnlineMSLA 441012243Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Accounting for LawyersMcCarthy, MichelleT,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 40061008317040
Administrative LawFelter, EdT,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 40251060325550
Administrative LawCorrada, RobertoS2:00-5:00PMLAWS 402511973EA255Weekend part-time program students only.
Administrative LawHughes, MarkM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 40251032318075
Advanced Contract InterpretationHinchcliff, AbigailW6:00PM-9:00PMLAWS 47051059114514Class will meet in 4 sessions from 1/13 to 2/8.
Advanced Legal ResearchCohen, MadelineM,W10:30-11:45AMLAWS 403511983EA14514
Advanced Legal Writing & ResearchCondra, Karina / Dunn, CatherineT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 470510893ULW49915
Agency Partnership & LLCSiebecker, MichaelT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 40481230415550
Alternative Dispute ResolutionParks, WesleyT,R7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 40601043315550
American Legal HistoryRussell, TomT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 47011001328050For information about the course, please visit: http://houseofrussell.com/american-legal-history/index.html
Anatomy of a TransactionWalker, Sam / Reichert, LeeM,T,W,R,F9:00AM-2:00PMLAWS 47051018212520Spring break intensive course. Meets March 23-29. Email registrar@law.du.edu to register.
Antitrust and Unfair CompetitionAlexander, Robin / Wood, ChristopherM,W7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 407010513EA27016
Asylum Law & Advocacy PracticumLunn, Laura / Plastino, SarahF9:00AM-11:30AMLAWS 470211333EAPUBL27015
BankruptcySousa, MichaelM,W10:30AM-12:10PMLAWS 40901052429075
Bioethics and the LawEgan, ErinT4:10PM-5:50PMLAWS 47011024227014
Business Legal ResearchPopielarski, MarkT,R2:45PM-3:55PMLAWS 451010632EA37015Meets for the first 10 weeks of the semester
Capstone: Externship/Creative ProjectKentnor, HopeOnlineOnlineMSLA 501012313OnlineMSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Civil Litigation Clinic & SeminarKuennen, Tamara / Wallat, KatherineM,W1:00PM-2:40PMLAWS 4703/47021228/12299EAPUBL45025Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
Civil ProcedureDuVivier, K.K.Su9:00AM-1:00PMLAWS 41201119419040Part-Time Weekend Program.
Civil Rights Clinic & SeminarRovner, Laura / Godfrey, Nicole / Jefferis, DanielleM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 4809/48121218/11029ULWEAPUBL31325Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 3 in-class credits/6 out-of-class credits.
Civil Trial PracticumAro, Ed / Hegarty, MichaelT,RT: 3:30PM-5:30PM; R: 4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 470211364EA35512
Colorado Criminal ProcedureFarrell, IanS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 47041081137040Priority to weekend part-time students. Students must be enrolled in Prof. Farrell's Criminal Procedure class to take this class. Interested students who are not in the weekend part-time program should contact the Registrar's office to waitlist.
Colorado Legal History & PracticeHobbs, GregT4:15PM-5:55PMLAWS 47011061218030
Commercial Law SurveyHurley, TimothyT,R2:45PM-4:25PMLAWS 41311053419075
Community Economic Development Clinic & SeminarCrowder, Patience / Loper, Jesse / Moore, AllieT4:30PM-7:00PMLAWS 4702/47031108/11596ULWEAPUBL4378Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 3 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits per semester. Full year clinic.
Community Innovation and Equity ProjectCrowder, Patience / Moore, AllieTBDTBDLAWS 47xxULWEAPUBLTBD
Comparative LawGoel, RashmiT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 413510253ULW14515
Constitutional Law - 1Laitos, JanM,W2:45PM-4:25PMLAWS 41641110419075
Constitutional Law - 2Hughes, MarkM,T,W9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 41641115418075
Constitutional Law - 3Leong, NancyM,T,W2:45PM-3:55PMLAWS 41641116429075
Constitutional Law IIHart, JamesM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 41661041317050
Construction Law CANCELLEDSmith, Dan / Adkisson, Jason / Bridston, KevinCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 417912033CANCELLED15
ContractsChao, BernardS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 41751201425540Part-Time Weekend Program.
Contracts - 2Taylor, CeliaT,R,F10:30AM-11:40AMLAWS 41751109418075
Copyright LawMoffat, VivaT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 42141208325524
Corporate DraftingHurley, TimothyT,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 418110333ULWEA41014
Corporate DraftingOlsen, BradM,W2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 418110853ULWEA31314
CorporationsWald, EliT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 41901011412575
CorporationsThomas, KathrynM,W5:40PM-7:20PMLAWS 41901204419075
CorporationsSiebecker, MichaelS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 41901205418040Priority to weekend part-time students. Interested students who are not in the part-time weekend program should contact the Registrar's office to waitlist.
Court Case Flow/Load ManagementDevlin, PhilipOnlineOnlineMSLA 418012212Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Criminal Justice Reform in Practice SeminarLogemann, Elizabeth / Sheikh, TariqM6:00PM-7:40PMLAWS 47031169249916
Criminal Defense Clinic and SeminarWalker Sterling, Robin / Lasch, Christopher / Hildebrand, SaraT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 4800/48011097/10989EAPUBL49925Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
Criminal Law - 1Farrell, IanT,R,F10:30AM-11:40AMLAWS 41951120419075
Criminal Law - 3Kamin, SamM,T,W9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 41951124429075
Criminal ProcedureFarrell, IanS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 42001206337040Priority to weekend part-time students. Students must be enrolled in Prof. Farrell's Colorado Criminal Procedure to take this class. Interested student who are not in the weekend part-time program should contact the Registrar's office to waitlist.
Criminal ProcedureLeong, NancyM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 42001044318050
Criminal Procedure (Adv.)Walker Sterling, RobinT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 40261225317050
Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Incident Response PracticumLechner, Tracy / Pietragallo, DanielM6:00PM-7:40PMLAWS 470211582EA14514
Discovery PracticumThomson, DavidF1:30PM-4:00PMLAWS 421810543ULWEA25520
Election and Campaign Finance LawJackson, ChristopherW4:15PM-6:45PMLAWS 47031154328050
Employment Law SurveySanders, DougM6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 42051207312550
Environmental Appellate Advocacy - Moot CourtCarreno, AlexaT,R4:00PM-5:40PMLAWS 470310142EA145Half semester course. Professor permission only. Interested students should waitlist and contact the professor for more information.
Environmental Law Clinic and SeminarSassman, Wyatt / Matsumoto, SarahT,R2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 4206/48021134/11359EAPUBL43725Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 3 in-class credits/6 out-of-class credits.
Environmental LitigationAndre, AbigailM,W2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 470311623EA14516
EvidenceWebb, LindseySu9:00AM-1:00PMLAWS 42351009429045Priority to weekend part-time program students. Interested students who are not in the weekend part-time program should contact the Registrar's office to waitlist.
EvidenceHardaway, BobM,W2:45PM-4:25PMLAWS 42351029427050
Evidence PracticumMoloney, BradT6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 423710463EA27014Students must have taken Evidence prior to taking this class.
Evidence PracticumEdwards, DanielS9:00AM-11:30AMLAWS 423710563EA17014Students must have taken Evidence prior to taking this class.
ExternshipFreeman, Alexi / Hulse, KristenTBDTBDLAWS 5025EATBDWaitlist. To register visithttps://www.law.du.edu/sites/g/files/lmucqz461/files/2019-10/Spring%202020%20registration%20info%20with%20seminars.pdf
Family LawClark, LaurieM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 42401013325550
Federal Wildlife LawTutchton, JayM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 42511055327050
Holocaust SeminarSmith, DonF,S,Su4/10: 4:30PM-7:30PM; 4/11: 10:30AM-5:30PM; 4/12: 12:00PM-3:00PMLAWS 47061084249914Class meets over 2 weekends 4/10-12 & 4/24-26. Second weekend is in Washington, DC. Priority to 3L students. Waitlist.
Immigration Law & Policy ClinicLasch, Christopher / Walker Sterling, Robin / Valdez, TaniaM,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 4705/47021187/11969EAPUBL31312Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
International Business NegotiationsTaylor, CeliaT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 470410573EA41012
International Business TransactionsOlsen, BradM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 43151049329022
International Commercial Arbitration Practice & ProcedureWells, ToddT,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 434110583EA499
International Criminal LawKing, ElizabethT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 470610903ULW27030aka "War and Peace"
International Human Rights and Non-State Actors - CANCELLEDSalcito, KendylCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 470311952CANCELLED14
International Investment Arbitration Practice & ProcedureWells, ToddT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 470610933155
Introduction to American Legal SystemBartholomew, TanyaM4:15PM-6:45PMLAWS 40641006341014Open only to non-JD students.
Introduction to American Legal System - CANCELLEDReynolds, LoriCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 406410153CANCELLED12For international non-JD students only. Professor permission only. Interested students should waitlist.
Introduction to the U.S Judicial SystemBishop, JaneOnlineOnlineMSLA 430012223Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
IP Capstone: Patent LitigationGlandorf, DavidW6:00-8:20PMLAWS 470710771EA49916Evening class, held over 5 weeks 1/15-2/12.
Jessup International Law Moot Court TeamMatthews, MeganM,W,FM,W: 6:00PM-9:00PM; F: 1:00PM-5:00PMLAWS 470912272M: 450; W,F: 12510
Labor LawGoldhammer, JoeT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 43551209325550
Law and Corruption SeminarFrasheri, ErmalF,S9:00AM-12:00PMLAWS 47081065125920Class meets over 2 weekends 2/21-22 & 2/28-29
Law Firm TechnologySalyards, LorriOnlineOnlineMSLA 438512233Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Lawyering Process IIAustin, DebraS2:00-5:00PMLAWS 43861005318025Part-time Weekend Program.
Lawyering Process II - 1aThomson, DavidM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861003325525
Lawyering Process II - 1bThomson, DavidM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861002325525
Lawyering Process II - 1cAnderson, RobertM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861114325925
Lawyering Process II - 1dAnderson, RobertM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861111325925
Lawyering Process II - 2aCooper, JenniferM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861118315525
Lawyering Process II - 2bCooper, JenniferM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861117315525
Lawyering Process II - 2cMoran, SuzannaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861127318025
Lawyering Process II - 2dMoran, SuzannaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861126327025
Lawyering Process II - 3aBartholomew, TanyaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861128317025
Lawyering Process II - 3bBartholomew, TanyaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861130319025
Lawyering Process II - 3cBrantley, MaikietaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43861131328025
Lawyering Process II - 3dBrantley, MaikietaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43861132329025
Leadership for LawyersDunn, CatherineR2:45PM-5:15PMLAWS 4702107824501510 week course, meets on 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 4/2, and 4/9.
Legal Analysis StrategiesJohns, ScottT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 40321034328050
Legal Analysis StrategiesKatzman, AlonitT,R7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 40321035325550
Legal Analysis StrategiesNewman, ChrisM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 40321038319050
Legal Externship Seminar: First Time Externs OnlyFreeman, Alexi / Hulse, KristenTBDTBDLAWS 503110671EATBDWaitlist. To register visit https://www.law.du.edu/sites/g/files/lmucqz461/files/2019-10/Spring%202020%20registration%20info%20with%20seminars.pdf
Legal Externship Seminar: Semester in PracticeFreeman, AlexiT6:00PM-9:00PMLAWS 503010743EA450Professor permission required. Contact externships office in fall.
Legal ProfessionVigil, DanM,W7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 44251086315550
Legal ProfessionPersad, GovindM,W2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 44251210312575
Legal ProfessionWald, EliT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 44251087312575
Legislative DraftingWhitlow, MichaelM,W2:45PM-3:35PMLAWS 47051170249920
Local Government LawBliss, JohnT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 47061104312550
Media LawBeall, ChristopherW2:45PM-5:15PMLAWS 443312003ULW25535
Mediation PracticumLarkin, C.J.R1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 470211073PUBL25510Students should be available Thursday mornings for field work.
Movement Lawyering LabFreeman, Alexi / Webb, Lindsey / Kim, DanielT12:00PM-2:00PMLAWS 470211774PUBL4508Interested students should waitlist and send a short statement of interest to Profs. Freeman and Webb. If you are simultaneously enrolled in an Externship or clinic, preapproval will be required to do both. Contact the professors.
Natural Resources LawLaitos, JanM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 44501050312550
Natural Resources Practitioner in ResidenceLaitos, JanM4:00PM-5:55PMLAWS 446410423EA49915Instructor permission required. Interested students should contact Prof. Laitos.
Negotiating Natural Resources AgreementsOki, Tonye / King, JimM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 44621048315525
Oil & Gas LawJones, KendorM,W4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 44651036312550
Private Equity SeminarBowers, StaceyM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 441411393ULWEA49912Priority to Corp/Commerical Law Certificate Students. Interested students should waitlist.
Project ManagementRoepke, AmyOnlineOnlineMSLA 495412323Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Property - 2Bliss, JohnT,W,R2:45PM-3:55PMLAWS 44901112418075
Property - 3Marsh, LucyT,R,F10:30AM-11:40AMLAWS 44901113429075
Public Land & Resources LawWilliams, ZekeT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 44951211317050
Public Sector and Constitutional Employment LawCulver, JohnW4:15PM-5:55PMLAWS 47071020214510
Regulating CannabisWellington, JordanT6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 47041066328014
RemediesJuarez, BetoT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 45201212327050
Secured TransactionsSousa, MichaelM,W9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 45301213328050
Securities LawMoylan, JamesM1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 45281012328050
Semester in PracticeFreeman, AlexiTBDTBDLAWS 47091045EATBD3Ls only. Contact externships office in fall.
Sustainable Development & International TradeDisney Bruckner, KristiF,SF: 1:00PM-6:00PM; S: 9:00AM-5:30PMLAWS 455612143ULW49918Weekend course. Course will meet on weekends of 2/7, 2/8, 3/6, 3/7, 4/3, 4/4
Topics in Constitutional Law: First AmendmentChen, AlanM,W2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 40501199317040
Torts - 1Russell, TomT,W,R9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 46101129419075
Transactional NegotiationBowers, StaceyM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 470111613EA49912Priority to Corp/Commerical Law Certificate Students. Interested students should waitlist.
Transatlantic Climate Change PolicySmith, DonM8:15AM-10:00AMLAWS 47011080325515Prof. Don Smith can be contacted with any questions at dcsmith@law.du.edu. Class meets from 8:15AM-10:00AM on all dates EXCEPT 3/16 and 3/30- will meet 9:15AM-11:00AM. Additionally students should be available 4/6-4/11.
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsSchott, DavidR1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 463510953EA35512
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsSteinhauser, KarenW7:30PM-10:00PMLAWS 463510963EA17016
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsMcGahey, RobertM6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 463512153EA35512
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsMcGahey, RobertW6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 404211003EA35512
Trial Practice II - Depositions - CANCELLEDEkker, AngelaCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 470211673EACANCELLED14
Trial Practice III - Criminal Practicum - CANCELLEDSada, Diana / Hayes, KenCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 408512263EACANCELLED14
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamSchott, DavidR6:30PM-9:00PMLAWS 502611053EA190
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamMadden, JohnR6:30PM-9:00PMLAWS 502611063EA355
Trusts & EstatesHammond, ByronT,R5:40PM-7:20PMLAWS 46401027412575
Veterans Advocacy Project- Field Work & SeminarHuskey, KristineM5:45PM-8:15PMLAWS 50251219/12206EAPUBL43712Professor permission only. 3 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits.
Water Court PracticeHobbs, Greg / Ryan, SusanM4:15PM-5:55PMLAWS 47071022217010
Wills LabMarsh, LucyTBDTBDLAWS 468610791EAPUBLTBD20Students must have taken Trusts and Estates prior to enrollment.