Fall 2019 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for LawyersBowers, StaceyM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 40061001327040Priority to Corp/Commercial Certificate Students. Interested students should waitlist.
Administrative LawAzer, MatthewT,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 40251003312550
Administrative LawKwoka, MargaretT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 40251002328075
Advanced Legal Research- CANCELLEDCohen, MadelineCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 470811063CANCELLED15
Appellate AdvocacyCushing, MatthewM4:15PM-5:55:PMLAWS 400311992ULW18016
Applied Leadership and Management TheorySalyards, LorriOnlineOnlineMSLA 415112123Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Basic TaxRoche, EdM,W12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 41001013437050
Capstone: Externship/Creative ProjectKentnor, HopeOnlineOnlineMSLA 501011423Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Child Advocacy PracticumFordyce, BetsyM2:45PM-4:25PMLAWS 503110962EAPUBL41015Professor permission only. Interested students should wait list and then contact the Externship office.
Civil Ligitation Clinic & SeminarKuennen, Tamara / Wallat, KatherineM,W1:15PM-2:45PMLAWS 4705/47061099/11009EAPUBL49925Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
Civil Procedure - 1Juárez, BetoT,W,RT,R:10:30AM-11:45AM; W:9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 41201015429075
Civil Procedure - 2Marsh, LucyT,R,F10:30AM-11:40AMLAWS 41201016418075
Civil Procedure - 3Hardaway, BobM,T,W2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 41201014418075
Civil Rights Clinic & SeminarRovner, Laura / Godfrey, Nicole / Jefferis, DanielleM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 4809/48129ULWEAPUBL31325Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 6 out-of-class credits/3 in-class credits
Client CounselingRoepke, AmyT4:15PM-5:55PMLAWS 470112172EA15530
COLTAF Clinic & SeminarCrowder, Patience / Moore, AlexandraR1:00PM-4:00PMLAWS 4707/47081254/1255EA410
Commercial Law SurveyHurley, TimothyT,R5:40PM-7:20PMLAWS 41311017418075
Communication, Writing, and Research in Legal Business (Online)Moran, SuzannaOnlineOnlineMSLA 438012113Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Community Economic Development Clinic & SeminarCrowder, Patience / Loper, JesseT4:30PM-7:00PMLAWS 4707/47081097/10986ULWEAPUBL4998Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 3 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits per semester. Full year clinic.
Constitutional LawChen, AlanS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 41641018417040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Constitutional Law IIHart, JamesM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 41661019327050
Construction LawMill, John / Hess, StephenM2:45PM-5:15PMLAWS 41791181327025
Contracts - 1Moffat, VivaT,R,FT,R: 9:00AM-10:10AM F: 10:30-11:40LAWS 41751021429075
Contracts - 3Corrada, RobertoT,R,F10:30AM-11:40AMLAWS 41751020419075
Corporate DraftingBowers, StaceyM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 418111793ULWEA31314Priority to Corp/Commercial Certificate Students. Interested students should wait list. Meets Corporate Commercial Law Program requirements.
Corporate DraftingHurley, TimothyT,R2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 418111803ULWEA31314
CorporationsTaylor, CeliaT,R10:30AM-12:10PMLAWS 41901022427045Taught in Modern Learning format.
Criminal Defense Clinic and SeminarWalker Sterling, Robin / Lasch, Christopher / Hildebrand, SaraT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 4800/48011218/12199EAPUBL25925Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
Criminal LawMarceau, JustinS8:30AM-12:30PMLAWS 41951024427040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Criminal Law - 2Goel, RashmiT,W,R9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 41951025418075
Criminal ProcedureLeong, NancyM6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 42001027315550
Criminal ProcedureFarrell, IanT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 42001026315550
Day One: Civil Practice LabQuintana, NicoleF9:00AM-11:30AMLAWS 47031082317025
Death Penalty JurisprudenceKamin, SamM,W9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 42011173325950
Employment Discrimination LawJuárez, BetoT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 42271175318050
Employment Law BenefitsBeaver, MichaelM, W4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 42241184345014
Energy LawDuVivier, K.K.T,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 42101029317050ULW optional.
Environmental LawTutchton, JayT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 42201030317050
Environmental Law Clinic and SeminarSassman, Wyatt / Matsumoto, SarahT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 4206/48021228/12299EAPUBL49925Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 3 in-class credits/6 out-of-class credits.
EvidenceSteinhauser, KarenT,R7:30PM-9:10PMLAWS 42351032428075
EvidenceBest, ArthurT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 42351031419075
Evidence PracticumMoloney, BradT6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 423711693EA14514Students must have taken Evidence prior to taking this class.
ExternshipFreeman, Alexi / Hulse, Kristen / Scarola, ColleenMisc.Misc.LAWS 50251113EAMisc.Waitlist. To register visit
Federal CourtsKwoka, MargaretT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 42501174315550
Forced Migration and Human TraffickingKing, ElizabethT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 47021192327025
Global Climate Change Law & PolicyDisney Bruckner, KristiF,SF:1:00PM-6:00PM; S:9:00AM-5:30PMLAWS 425911893ULW49918Weekend course. Meets over 3 weekends on 9/13-14, 10/18-19, and 11/8-9.
Governance Workshop: Transparency and PrivacyKwoka, MargaretM1:15PM-2:55PMLAWS 47031202214512Professor permission only. Students should waitlist and contact Prof. Kwoka for information.
Health LawPersad, GovindM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 42761035341050
Immigration LawGarcía Hernández, CesarT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 42951036312550
Immigration Law & Policy ClinicLasch, Christopher / Walker Sterling, Robin / Valdez, TaniaM,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 4705/47061101/11029EAPUBL45012Students must enroll for this course through the clinic. 4 in-class credits/5 out-of-class credits.
Insurance Law/Contractual Risk TransferArguello, DamianT,R7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 430412043ULW17040
Intellectual Property Capstone: False AdvertisingRoxborough, BenW6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 47001216131314This is an intensive class. Class will meet on 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, and 11/20 only.
Intermediate Legal AnalysisKraft, DianeW6:30PM-9:00PMLAWS 401510073ULWEA15550
Intermediate Legal AnalysisKraft, DianeM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 401510083ULWEA18050
International & Comparative Petroleum LawOki, TonyeR6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 43431043325920
International Business TransactionsOlsen, BradM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 43151039317022
International Commercial ArbitrationWells, ToddT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 43411195314515
International Human RightsNanda, VedW2:45PM-5:15PMLAWS 43191040327022
International LawNanda, VedT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43201041331350
International Mergers & AcquisitionsColburn, KurtT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 435112053499
International Practice & ProcedureMatthews, MeganM,W6:00PM-9:00PMLAWS 47031193ULW410Professor permission only. Jessup students may place themselves on the waitlist.
International SalesWells, ToddT,R2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 470611963ULWEA14520
International Trade LawCai, PhoenixM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 437910473ULW17050
Introduction to Intellectual PropertyMoffat, VivaT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43101038317050
Introduction to the American Legal SystemCondra, KarinaT,R2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 40641012317014Open to international non-JD students. Interested students should waitlist.
Introduction to the American Legal SystemBartholomew, TanyaM4:15PM-6:45PMLAWS 40641011325920Open to domestic non-JD students. Interested students should waitlist.
Juvenile LawClark, Laurie / Woods, BrettM,W6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 435010443EA25522
Labor & Employment Writing SeminarRuan Rogers, NantiyaW1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 470410843ULW41014
Land Use PlanningRagonetti, TomM,W4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 43601046328050
Lawyering Process IAustin, DebraS2:00PM-5:00PMLAWS 43851136327040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Lawyering Process I - 1aThomson, DavidM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851058325525
Lawyering Process I - 1bThomson, DavidM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851059325525
Lawyering Process I - 1cAnderson, RobertM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851048325925
Lawyering Process I - 1dAnderson, RobertM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851049325925
Lawyering Process I - 2aCooper, JenniferM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851053315525
Lawyering Process I - 2bCooper, JenniferM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851054327025
Lawyering Process I - 2cMoran, SuzannaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851055329025
Lawyering Process I - 2dMoran, SuzannaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851056329025
Lawyering Process I - 3aBartholomew, TanyaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851050317025
Lawyering Process I - 3bBartholomew, TanyaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851051318025
Lawyering Process I - 3cRuan Rogers, NantiyaM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 43851057312525
Lawyering Process I - 3dBrantley, MaikietaM,W1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 43851052328025
Legal Analysis StrategiesKatzman, AlonitT,R7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 40321010315550
Legal Externship Seminar - First Time Externs OnlyFreeman, Alexi / Hulse, Kristen / Scarola, ColleenTBDTBDLAWS 503111151EATBDWaitlist. For seminar options, please go to
Legal Externship Seminar: Semester in PracticeFreeman, AlexiT6:00PM-9:00PMLAWS 115511222EA259Professor permission required. Interested students should waitlist and contact the Externship Office ([email protected]).edu)
Legal ProfessionAviel, RebeccaS2:00PM-5:00PMLAWS 44251063317040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Legal ProfessionMoore, Justin (J.P)T,R6:00PM-7:15PMLAWS 44251107315550
Legal ProfessionBliss, JohnT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 44251062328075
Mediation PracticumLarkin, C.J.R1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 470110773EAPUBL43710Students must also be available for out-of-class fieldwork on Thursdays, 8:00AM-12:00NOON.
Mental Health and the LawAro, Ed / Gundersen, DorisM6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 47041200328025
Multiculturalism, Race and the LawGoel, RashmiT,R1:15PM-2:30PMLAWS 444611763ULW14515
Navigating the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)Edwards, MichaelW5:40PM-7:20PMLAWS 47011201228020
Negotiation & MediationParks, WesleyM,W7:30PM-8:45PMLAWS 44601194317050
Non-Profit OrganizationsHilty, Eric / Thomas, KathrynT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 47091210327014
Patent LawChao, BernardT,R9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 40961172317020
Privacy LawShinbein-Howitt, DeborahM,W9:00AM-10:15AMLAWS 400811983EA17030
Professionalism and Well-Being Skills for the Effective LawyerAustin, DebraW4:15PM-5:55PMLAWS 47081110225914
PropertySmith, BruceSu9:00AM-1:00PMLAWS 44901137428040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Property - 1Cai, PhoenixM,W,R2:45PM-3:55PMLAWS 44901066429075
Race, Class & Reproductive JusticeEhrenreich, NancyT,R2:45PM-4:00PMLAWS 43781183349920
Renewable Energy LawDuVivier, K.K.R2:45PM-5:15PMLAWS 451111823EA25520
Representing the Marijuana ClientKamin, SamM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 44161061328022
Securities Law Seminar and PracticumKarpel, Ian / Oraker, JeffreyW6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 47021214312514
Semester in PracticeFreeman, AlexiMisc.Misc.LAWS 47091191EAMisc.3Ls only. Interested students should waitlist and contact the Externships Office ([email protected]).
Sentencing LawKapoor, AmyW7:30PM-9:10PMLAWS 47xx1079214514
Social Change LawyeringFreeman, AlexiT8:40AM-10:20AMLAWS 453911622ULW25925Interested students should waitlist. Visit for permission process.
Taxation of Business EntitiesCrow, TrevorF, S9:00AM-12:30PMLAWS 47071207112520Weekend course. Meets on 9/27-28 and 10/4-5.
The Business of the CourtsGardner, Ken / Kaplan, KeithOnlineOnlineMSLA 420012133Online15MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Topics in Constitutional Law: Second AmendmentKopel, DavidM,W10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 40501164314520
TortsSmith, CatherineSu9:00AM-1:00PMLAWS 46101072417040Part-time hybrid weekend/online program. For list of class meeting dates, see
Torts - 2García Hernández, CesarM,T,R2:45PM-3:55PMLAWS 46101071419075
Torts - 3Russell, TomT,W,R9:00AM-10:10AMLAWS 46101163419075
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsKlingensmith, VictoriaT6:00PM-8:30PMLAWS 463511663EA35512Students must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Evidence.
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsSchott, DavidR1:15PM-3:45PMLAWS 463511673EA35512Students must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Evidence.
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsSteinhauser, KarenW7:30PM-10:00PMLAWS 463511683EA35516Students must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Evidence.
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom Skills- CANCELLEDMcGahey, RobertCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 404211853EACANCELLED12Students must have completed Trial Practice I before taking Trial Practice II.
Trial Practice II - Voir Dire- CANCELLEDEdwards, DanielCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 402711863EACANCELLED14Saturday class. Students must have completed Trial Practice I before taking Trial Practice II.
Trial Practice III - Criminal Practicum- CANCELLEDSada, Diana / Hayes, KenCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 408511883EACANCELLED14
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamMadden, JohnR6:30PM-9:00PMLAWS 502611703EA355Professor permission only. Interested students should waitlist.
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamSchott, DavidR6:30PM-9:00PMLAWS 502611713EA190Professor permission only. Interested students should waitlist.
Trusts & EstatesMarsh, LucyT,R12:50PM-2:30PMLAWS 46401074428075
Venture Law: Forming, Financing, and Selling a StartupJacobson, Joel / Howell, RyanT,R8:30AM-9:45AMLAWS 47061090314515Priority to Corp/Commercial Certificate students. Interested students should waitlist.
Veterans Advocacy Project- Field Work & SeminarVessels, AnnM5:45PM-8:15PMLAWS 5025/50311117/11186EAPUBL43712Professor permission only. 3 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits.
Water LawRomero, TomT,R10:30AM-11:45AMLAWS 46701075315550
Water Transactions Seminar- CANCELLEDBeatie, Amy / Hobbs, GregCANCELLEDCANCELLEDLAWS 470612083CANCELLED14
Wills LabMarsh, LucyMisc.Misc.LAWS 468611651EAPUBLMisc.20Students must have taken Trusts and Estates prior to enrollment.
Workplace Law Practicum: Sports LawGoldhammer, JoeT,R4:15PM-5:30PMLAWS 44181209325912
Youth Rights WorkshopFreeman, Alexi / Proff, HannahMisc.Misc.LAWS 470510862PUBL255Students must be available 9/13 and 9/14 and for various presentation dates during the semester.
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