Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Capstone: Externship/Creative ProjectKentnor, HopeMisc.Misc.M50101027Misc.MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Civil Rights Clinic - Summer IntensiveRovner, Laura / Jefferis, Danielle / Godfrey, NicoleL4706/47071041Professor permission required. Interested students should wait list.
Comparative Competition Law (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy)TBD, Off-campusTBDL470310291TBD25
Comparative Corporate Governance (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy)Taylor, CeliaOff-campusTBDL470410302TBD25
Comparative Drug Policy (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy)Kamin, SamOff-campusTBDL470510312TBD25
CorporationsSiebecker, MichaelT,R3:00PM-6:30PML41901014415550
Criminal ProcedureEdwards, DanielS8:00AM-2:00PML42001016325922
EvidenceSteinhauser, KarenM,T,W7:00PM-9:30PML42351015419075
ExternshipFreeman, AlexiMisc.Misc.L50251009EA100Students should wait list for the appropriate number of credits and then contact the Externship Office for further instructions. Approval is required through the Externship Office to satisfy the public service requirement.
Family LawClark, LaurieM,W7:00PM-9:30PML42401017327050
Introduction to Italian Law (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy)TBD, Off-campusTBDL470010281TBD25
Law Firm Client Service and Satisfaction (Online)Roepke, AmyOnlineOnlineM438610252Online15MSLA Students only. JD students must petition for non-JD credit.
Legal Externship Seminar - First Time Externs OnlyFreeman, AlexiMisc.Misc.L503110011EATo view available seminars visit http://www.law.du.edu/documents/legal-externship-program/Summer-2018-registration-information.pdf
Legal Externship Seminar (Out-of State)Freeman, AlexiR1:00PM-5:00PML50311011EAClass meets on May 17, 2018. For out-of-state externships and students doing an externship post Denver Law Study Abroad.
Legal Externship Seminar: JeffCo Prosecution LabDurkin, MatthewOff-campusTBDL50311012EAProfessor permission only. Interested students must wait list and contact the Externship office.
Legal ProfessionVigil, DanM,T,W,R,F4:30PM-6:30PML44251018327050Meets from May 29th - June21st. Exam will be June 27.
Low Income Tax Clinic - Semester ScheduleR1:00PM-3:00PM10402Variable meeting times throughout the semester. Interested students should contact the Tax department.
MSLA Directed ResearchRoepke, AmyMisc.Misc.M49991026Misc.MSLA students only. JD students must apply for non-JD credits.
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & MarketsNoun, BobM,T,W,R,F8:00AM-5:00PML45081019325520This class meets from June 25-29. Please contact professor directly upon registration.
Trial Practice I (Intensive)Wilcox, ChristopherM,T,W,R,F8:00AM-6:00PML463510213EA12Meets from May 29 -June 4 and June 5th and 7th.
Trial Practice I (Intensive)Schott, DavidM,T,W,R,F8:00AM-6:00PML463510203EA36Meets from May 29 -June 4 and June 5th and 7th.
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsMcGahey, RobertM,W6:00PM-8:30PML404210133EA35512Students must complete Trial Practice I before taking Trial Practice II.
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamSchott, DavidR6:00PM-11:00PML50261022EA18012Professor permission required. Interested students should wait list.
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamMadden, JohnR6:00PM-11:00PML50261023EA35512Professor permission required. Interested students should wait list.
Tribal Wills Summer CourseMarsh, LucyL47071034 zero cr/1032 four cr4PUBL14Professor permission required. On site component takes place from July 9 - July 13 in Gallup, NM. 1L students may not take course for credit. Students taking course for credit must have completed Trusts and Estates. 2 classroom and 2 out of class credits.