Summer 2018 Grades Posted

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Course Name Professor Number CRN Grade
Exam Review Information Details
Capstone: Externship/Creative Project Kentnor, Hope M5010 1027
Civil Rights Clinic - Summer Intensive Rovner, Laura / Jefferis, Danielle / Godfrey, Nicole L4706/4707 1041
Comparative Competition Law (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy) TBD, L4703 1029 X
Comparative Corporate Governance (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy) Taylor, Celia L4704 1030
Comparative Drug Policy (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy) Kamin, Sam L4705 1031 X
Corporations Siebecker, Michael L4190 1014 X
Criminal Procedure Edwards, Daniel L4200 1016 X
Evidence Steinhauser, Karen L4235 1015 X Exams available for review in Suite 444.
Externship Freeman, Alexi L5025 1009
Family Law Clark, Laurie L4240 1017 X
Introduction to Italian Law (Study Abroad: Sorrento, Italy) TBD, L4700 1028 X
Law Firm Client Service and Satisfaction (Online) Roepke, Amy M4386 1025 X
Legal Externship Seminar - First Time Externs Only Freeman, Alexi L5031 1001
Legal Externship Seminar (Out-of State) Freeman, Alexi L5031 1011
Legal Externship Seminar: JeffCo Prosecution Lab Durkin, Matthew L5031 1012 X
Legal Profession Vigil, Dan L4425 1018 X
Low Income Tax Clinic - Semester Schedule 1040 X
MSLA Directed Research Roepke, Amy M4999 1026 X
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & Markets Noun, Bob L4508 1019 X
Trial Practice I (Intensive) Schott, David L4635 1020 X
Trial Practice I (Intensive) Wilcox, Christopher L4635 1021 X
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom Skills McGahey, Robert L4042 1013 X
Trial Practice III - National Trial Team Madden, John L5026 1023
Trial Practice III - National Trial Team Schott, David L5026 1022 X
Tribal Wills Summer Course Marsh, Lucy L4707 1032/1034 X