All students must take their examinations on the officially designated date and time at the officially designated place. Students should consult the examination schedule on the exams page each semester for examination times and rooms. Examination times and rooms are not necessarily the same as the time and room of the class during the regular semester.

Students must also arrange their work and personal schedules so that they can attend their scheduled examinations. If an examination must be rescheduled due to an emergency (weather, technology, etc.) the Registrar’s Office will make every effort to schedule the make-up examination during the normal examination period. For this reason, students must plan to remain in residence during the entire period in which they have scheduled examinations.

No student may take an examination before the examination’s officially scheduled date and/or time. This policy may not be overridden by individual professors. A student, however, may request permission to take an examination out-of-sequence after the date and time of the original exam for the following reasons:

  1. The student has two (2) in-class or 24-hour take-home examinations scheduled on the same calendar day, or
  2. The student has three (3) in-class examinations or 24-hour take-home examinations scheduled on three (3) consecutive calendar days, or
  3. The student has serious medical reasons verified in writing by appropriate medical personnel, or
  4. The student has a personal emergency supported by documentation.

For exam scheduling purposes, "calendar day" is defined as 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM on a single calendar day. For example, if a student has two in-class, two 24-hour take-home or one in-class and one 24-hour take-home that are both on Monday, the student could petition to reschedule one of the exams. If a student has one exam on Monday and one exam on Tuesday, the exams would not qualify for rescheduling as they are not on the same calendar day. Papers, projects and take-home or online exams with multiple-day availability do not qualify for rescheduling.

Examinations Rescheduled for Reasons One (1) and Two (2):
Students who seek to change an examination time for reasons one (1) and two (2) above must seek permission via the out-of-sequence petition form available here. If a student requests an out-of-sequence examination based on an in-class and take-home exam, the Registrar’s Office will reschedule the examination as follows: (a) in-class exams take priority - the online exam will be rescheduled; (b) if both exams are in-class or online, the exam that is scheduled second in time will be rescheduled. All exams will be rescheduled for a day and time closest to the originally scheduled exam that does not cause a subsequent out-of-sequence exam issue.

Examinations Rescheduled for Reasons Three (3) and Four (4) Above:
Students who seek to change an examination time for reason three (3) or four (4) above must seek permission from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Personal emergencies do not include work-related responsibilities, but rather contemplate such events as a death in the family, or emergency medical situations that involve the student or family dependents. A student who seeks a rescheduled examination for reasons three (3) or four (4) must file an Out of Sequence Exam Request with the Associate Dean as soon as the medical situation arises or as soon as the student discovers the personal emergency. Students can find such forms here. Students may be asked to provide additional information or forms to document the request.

Students who receive permission to reschedule an examination for reasons three (3) or four (4) must complete the examination as soon as possible and preferably within the normal examination period for the particular semester. In no event may a student reschedule an examination after the beginning of the next semester.

A general petition must be filed with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for any reason other than those listed above.

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Other Comments:

Please check the examination schedule to see when the next closest out-of-sequence examination session is scheduled. Your examination will be scheduled at that time if there is no conflict with your other examination(s).


All requests for extensions of time in which to submit extended take-home examinations or papers should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Timed online take-home examinations may not be rescheduled unless the student has a medical or family emergency. Students must submit a request at least one day in advance of the due date of the take-home examination. Failure to make such requests and also to notify the Registrar’s office of such timely requests will result in point penalties or failure at the discretion of the course professor.