Below is an alphabetical listing of courses. Click on the course name to view the description.

Please note: This is a complete list of courses that are or have been offered at the Sturm College of Law. Not all courses are offered every year.

ABA Representation in Mediation Competition
Access to Justice
Accounting and Financial Management for the Legal Administrator | M4410
Accounting for Income Taxes | T4625
Accounting for Lawyers | L4006
Accounting for the Small Legal Practice | L4002
Administrative Law | L4025
ADR for the Court Flow and Law Firm Administrators | M4640
Advanced Contract Interpretation
Advanced Corporate Law | L47xx
Advanced Criminal Practice Practicum
Advanced Legal Research | L4035
Advanced Legal Writing and Research | L4651
Advanced Research Techniques for Legal Scholarship
Advanced Tax Procedure | T4024
Advancing Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Legal Profession | L47xx
Advising the Adviser: Compliance and Enforcement under the Investment Advisers Act | L4867
Agency, Partnership & the LLC | L4048
Alternative Dispute Resolution | L4060
American Legal History | L4065
American Legal Systems, Research, and Writing | L47xx
Anatomy of a Transaction | L47xx
Animal Law Practicum
Animal Law Survey
Animal Rights | L4019
Animal Rights Jurisprudence
Animal Rights Jurisprudence in Practice
Animals, Food Law & the Constitution
Antitrust and Unfair Competition | L4070
Appellate Advocacy | L4003
Applied Leadership and Management Theory | M4151
Asylum Law | L47xx
Asylum Law and Advocacy Practicum | L47xx
Bankruptcy | L4090
Basic Tax | L4100
Basic Tax (Business Emphasis) | L47xx
Biglaw - The Practice of Large Law Firms
Bioethics and the Law
Business & Commercial Law Seminar | L4485
Business Development: Marketing and Client Service | L4089
Business Entities | L4185
Business Legal Research | L4510
The Business of Courts | M4200
Cannabis Externship Seminar | L5031
Capital Formation | L47xx
Capstone Externship/Project | M5010
Child Advocacy Practicum | L5031
Civil and Criminal Tax Procedure | L4489
Civil Litigation Clinic & Seminar | L4805/L4806
Civil Litigation Clinic (Advanced) | L4023
Civil Procedure | L4120
Civil Procedure (Advanced) | L4028
Civil Rights Claims for the Spanish-Speaking Client | L47xx
Civil Rights Clinic & Seminar | L4809/L4812
Civil Rights Lawyering
Civil Trial Practicum | L47xx
Client Counseling
Climate Change and Energy Transition: Comparing EU and US Law and Policy
Colorado Judicial Decision-Making | L47xx
Colorado Legal History & Practice | L47xx
Colorado Legal Research | L4132
Commercial Law Survey | L4131
Commercial Space Law | L4631
Commodification and Law
Communication, Writing, and Research in Legal Business | M4380
Community Economic Development Clinic and Seminar | L47xx
Community Innovation and Equity Project
Comparative Competition Law (Study Abroad)
Comparative Corporate Governance (Study Abroad)
Comparative Environmental Law | L4137
Comparative Law | L4135
Conflict of Laws | L4160
Consolidated Returns | T4550
Constitutional Law | L4164
Constitutional Law II | L4166
Constitutional Litigation | L4168
Construction Law | L4179
Consumer Financial Protection Law | L47xx
Contemporary Issues in Oil & Gas Development | L47xx
Contracts | L4175
Contracts Drafting | L4178
Copyright Law | L4214
Corporate Compliance | L47xx
Corporate Compliance: Money Managers and Investment Advisers | L47xx
Corporate Drafting Seminar | L4181
Corporate Taxation | T4002
Corporate Taxation I | L4186
Corporate Taxation II | L4187
Corporate Taxation III | L4188
Corporate Transactions Practicum
Corporations | L4190
Court Case Flow/Load Management | M4180
Court Fiscal Management | M4100
Criminal Defense Clinic & Criminal Defense Seminar | L4800/L4801
Criminal Justice Reform in Practice Seminar
Criminal Law | L4195
Criminal Procedure | L4200
Criminal Procedure (Advanced) | L4026
Criminal Procedure Practicum | L47xx
Crimmigration Law Seminar | L4561
Critical Race Reading Seminar | L47xx
Critical Race Theory and Jurisprudence | L47xx
Critical Readings in Race and Water and Natural Resources Law | L47xx
Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Incident Response Practicum
Day One Criminal Practice Lab | L47xx
Day One: Civil Practice Lab | L4633
Death Penalty Jurisprudence | L4201
Directed Research | L4999
Directed Research MSLA | M4999
Disability Law | L4202
Discovery Practicum | L4218
Drugs, Terror, and Riots: Criminal Justice Law Seminar
E-Discovery | L4562
Education Law | L47xx
Election and Campaign Finance Law
Election Law | L4236
Employment Discrimination Law | L4227
Employment Law - Benefits | L4224
Employment Law Survey | L4205
Energy Law | L4210
Entertainment Law | L4215
Environmental & Agricultural Law
Environmental and Natural Resources Law: Concepts and Context | L47xx
Environmental Appellate Advocacy - Moot Court | L47xx
Environmental Impacts of Energy Development | L47xx
Environmental Justice
Environmental Law | L4220
Environmental Law Clinic and Seminar | L4206/L4802
Environmental Law, Energy, & Natural Resources in Indian Country | L4563
Environmental Litigation
Estate and Gift Taxation | L4225
Estate and Gift Taxation | T4025
Estate Planning | T4225
Evidence | L4235
Evidence Practicum | L4237
Exempt Organizations | L4238
Exempt Organizations | T4045
Externship | L5025
Family Law | L4240
Family Law (Adv.) – Complex Child Issues
Family Law (Adv.) – Divorce
Federal Courts | L4250
Federal Indian Law | L4300
Federal Wildlife Law | L4251
Fiduciary Income Taxation | T4125
Financial Investments & the Aging Population | L47xx
First Amendment Law | L4051
Food and Pesticide Regulation
Food Law & Policy | L47xx
Forced Migration and Human Trafficking | L4297
The Forge/ CED Clinic | L47xx
The Fundamentals of Comparative Law | M4320
Fundamentals of Taxation | T4001
Gender Identity and the Law
Gender, Policy and Law Seminar | L47xx
Global Climate Change Law and Policy | L4259
Governance Workshop: Transparency and Privacy | L4108
Hazardous Waste & Toxic Substances | L4380
Health Law | L4276
Holistic Juvenile Defense and Advocacy Seminar | L5031
Holocaust Seminar | L4277
Homeless Advocacy Policy Seminar | L47xx
Hughes Research Seminar | L4280
Human Resources and Performance Management | M4121
Immigration Law | L4295
Immigration Law & Policy Clinic | L4825/L4826
Immigration Law & the Workplace | L47xx
Immigration Law in Spanish | L4563
Independent Study | T5991
Indian Water Rights | L47xx
Individual Tax Problems | L4292
Insurance Law | L4304
Intellectual Property Capstone | L4565
Intellectual Property: Patentability and Policy | L47xx
Intermediate Legal Analysis | L4015
International & Comparative Mining Law | L4342
International & Comparative Petroleum Law | L4343
International and Comparative Legal Research | L47xx
International and Human Rights: Indigenous Peoples | L4288
International Business Negotiations
International Business Transactions | L4315
International Commercial Arbitration | L4341
International Commercial Arbitration | L4341-Shill
International Criminal Law | L47xx
International Dispute Resolution | L47xx
International Environmental Law | L4317
International Human Rights | L4319
International Human Rights and Non-State Actors | L47xx
International Investment | L47xx
International Investments Arbitration Practice & Procedure | L4371
International Law | L4320
International Law and Migration | L47xx
International Legal Research | L47xx
International Mergers and Acquisitions | L4351
International Practice and Procedure | L4373
International Sales | L4346
International Tax | L4344
International Taxation - Inbound | T4050
International Taxation - Outbound | T4150
International Trade Law | L4379
Internship | T4985
Introduction to Intellectual Property | L4310
Introduction to Small Practice Management | L4421
Introduction to the American Legal System | L4064
Introduction to the Regulation of Cryptoassets
Introduction to the U.S. Judicial System | M4300
IP Capstone - Trademarks | L47xx
IP Capstone: Patent Litigation
Jessup International Moot Court
Jurisprudence | L4345
Juvenile Law | L4350
Labor & Employment Legal Writing Seminar | L47xx
Labor Law | L4355
Land Conservation Transactions | L4358
Land Use Planning | L4360
Law and Corruption Seminar | L47xx
Law and Emerging Technologies | L4376
Law and Innovation Lab
Law and Neuroscience | L4390
Law and Sexuality
Law Firm Administration | M4201
Law Firm Client Service and Satisfaction | M4386
Law Firm Technology | M4085
Lawyer as Peacemaker | L47xx
Lawyering for Racial Justice
Lawyering in Spanish Boot Camp: Basic Legal Vocabulary & Immigration Law/ Curso Intensivo de Abrogacía en Español: Vocabulario Básico y Derecho Migratorio | L47xx
Lawyering Process I | L4385
Lawyering Process II | L4386
Leadership for Lawyers | L47xx
Leadership for Women in Law
Legal Analysis Strategies | L4032
Legal English Seminar | L47xx
Legal Externship Seminar: Corporate | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal Defense | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal Prosecution | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Government Sector | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial Placements | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Non Profit | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Private Firm | L5031
Legal Externship: Racial, Social & Economic Justice | L5031
Legal Practice Seminar | M4420
Legal Profession | L4425
Legal Profession: In-House Counsel | L47xx
Legislative Drafting
Litigation Skills in a Bilingual World | L47xx
LLCs and Operating Agreements | L4270
Lobbying Law | L4400
Local Government Law
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic | T4415
Luminarias Research Seminar on Latina | Hispanic Female Civil Rights Litigators, Judges and PAS Appointees
Marijuana Regulatory Drafting & Policy | L47xx
Mass Incarceration, Policing, and Systemic Racism
Media Law | L4433
Mediation Practicum
Medical Malpractice | L4444
Mental Health & Criminal Law | L47xx
Mental Health and the Law | L4440
Mergers & Acquisitions | L4441
Military and Veterans Law Practicum
Military Law | L4395
Military Law and Veterans Advocacy
Mining Law | L4445
Modern Financial Crime: Enforcement of Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, and Anti-Corruption Laws in Bitcoin Age | L47xx
Movement Lawyering for Social Justice: Skill-Building Workshop | L47xx
Movement Lawyering Lab
Multiculturalism, Race and the Law Seminar | L4446
Multinational Corporations, Corporate Social Responsibility, & International Law | L47xx
Native American Appellate Advocacy and Trial Team | L47xx
Natural Resources Law | L4450
Natural Resources Practitioner in Residence Seminar | L4464
Natural Resources Taxation | T4060
Navigating the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) | L4221
Negotiating Natural Resources Agreements | L4462
Negotiation & Mediation | L4460
Negotiation and Drafting in an International Business Context | L4182
Non-Profit Organizations
Oil and Gas Law | L4465
Outdoor Recreation and Ski Law | L47xx
Partnership Taxation | L4481
Partnership Taxation | T4003
Patent Law | L4096
Patent Litigation | L4483
Patent Prosecution
Patent Prosecution and Appeals | L47xx
Planning for Closely Held Businesses | T4325
Poverty and Low-Wage Work in America | L47xx
Prison Law | L47xx
Privacy Seminar | L4008
Private Equity Seminar | L4414
Private Property and the Police Power - The Role of Courts, Government, and the Constitution
Probate Practicum | L47xx
Problem Solving Courts | L47xx
Professionalism and Well-being Skills for the Effective Lawyer | L4387
Project Management | M4954
Property | L4490
Protecting Intellectual Property in International Business Transactions | L4415
Psychiatry and the Law | L4454
Public Interest Lawyering Lab
Public Land and Resources Law | L4495
Qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans | L4463
Race, Class and Reproductive Justice | L4378
Radical Self-Empowerment
Real Estate | L4095
Real Estate Transactions
Real Estate, Title & Finance | L4080
Redistricting Law
Regulating Cannabis | L47xx
Religion & Law | L47xx
Remedies | L4520
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & Markets | L4508
Renewable Energy Law | L4511
Renewable Energy Law Project
Renewable Energy Project Development and Regulation | L4509
Renewable Energy Seminar- Wind | L4280
Representing Clients Before the SEC | L4618
Representing the Marijuana Client | L4416
Representing the Spanish-Speaking Client | L4417
S Corporations | T4015
Secured Transactions | L4530
Securities Law | L4528
Securities Law Seminar & Practicum
Securities Litigation | L4529
Securities Litigation Seminar
Semester in Practice & Semester in Practice Seminar | L5029/L5030
Sentencing Law
Social Change Lawyering | L4539
Spanish for Lawyers | L4553
Spanish for Lawyers II | L4554
Special Topics in International Taxation | T4750
Specialty Courts | M4330
State and Local Taxation | T4590
State Constitutional Law
Statistics for the Legal Administrator | M4415
Strategic Planning in the Courts | M4950
Sustainable Cities Practicum | L4412
Sustainable Development and International Trade | L4556
Tax Accounting | T4035
Tax and Financial Planning | T4055
Tax Policy Seminar
Tax Procedure | T4004
Tax Research and Writing | T4005
Taxation of Business Entities
Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions | T4065
Taxation of Natural Resources | L4605
Taxation of Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation | T4121
Taxation of Startups & Venture Capital | T4165
Topics in Constitutional Law: | L4050
Topics in Constitutional Law: Individual Rights
Torts | L4610
Torts (Advanced) | L4615
Trademark Law | L4115
Transactional Negotiations
Transatlantic Climate Change and Energy Transition Law & Policy: European Union and the United States | L47xx
Trial Practice I: Basic Courtroom Skills | L4635
Trial Practice II - Discovery and Pre-Trial Skills | L47xx
Trial Practice II: Advanced Courtroom Skills | L4042
Trial Practice II: Deposistions | L4013
Trial Practice II: Litigation Technology | L4436
Trial Practice II: Motions Practice | L4634
Trial Practice II: Voir Dire | L4027
Trial Practice III: Criminal Practicum
Trial Practice III: Mentors Practicum | L4442
Trial Practice III: National Trial Team | L5026
Trial Practice III:Trial Practicum | L47xx
Trial Tactics | L4413
Tribal Wills Summer Course | L47xx
Trusts and Estates | L4640
U.S. and E.U. Investment Management Regulation and Compliance | L47xx
Venture Law: Forming, Financing and Selling a Startup | L47xx
Veterans Advocacy Project | L5025
Water Court Practice | L47xx
Water Law | L4670
Water Transactions Seminar | L47xx
Wills Lab | L4686
Workplace Law Practicum: Prelitigation & Transactional Skills
Workplace Law Practicum: Sports & Law | L4418
World Judicial Systems | M4310
Youth Rights Workshop | L47xx