Discovery Practicum | L4218

Most civil litigations never get to trial. Instead, these cases are settled after the discovery period has revealed the strengths and weaknesses in the case. This course focuses on the instruments, rules, and case law governing discovery of information in litigation: interrogatories, document requests, requests for admissions, and depositions. It is taught in the form of a "whole-course simulation," which means you will represent a party and have an opposing counsel in a simulated litigation throughout the course. You will prepare and serve discovery documents (just as in practice), you will take, defend, and act as a witness in a deposition, and you will reach a settlement of the case at the end of the course. Because of the nature of the course and the many practice documents you prepare during the semester, there is no final examination.

This course is a "Carnegie Integrated Course"

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course meets the Upper Level Writing requirement. (ULW)

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