Directed Research | L4999

Direct Research is an opportunity for students to research and write on any area of law approved by a full-time faculty member who agrees to direct the project. The research project must be completed within the semester for which the student is registered. The research is compiled into a paper of publishable quality. A copy is delivered to the supervising faculty member for grading and a second copy is delivered to the associate dean for academic affairs by the last day of exams for that semester. Students may petition for either two or three semester hours. A maximum of five semester hours credit for Directed Research is permitted in satisfaction of the 90-credit degree requirement. A Directed Research application form (available in the registrar’s office) signed by both the faculty supervisor and student is required for enrollment. The registrar’s office will register the student for his or her directed research once the student’s application form has been approved. All directed research projects must conform with the upper level writing requirement, which involves a mandatory rewrite, in addition to any other requirements.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 2 or 3 credit hours. Permission is required from the faculty supervisor and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to increase credit hours to 4 or 5. No more than 5 credit hours can be earned on a specific Directed Research paper.
ULW: This course meets the Upper Level Writing requirement. (ULW)

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