Animal Law Survey |

This class is an introduction to the field of law referred to as "animal law." It is a survey course; we will study a range of legal topics that implicate the status and well-being of non-human animals. The course will not simply look casually or superficially at a spattering of areas where the law intersects with animals. Rather, the goal is to demonstrate that the field of animal law, like all great topics of legal study, is relevant to understanding general trends and overarching themes in U.S. law and policy. The course is a blend of theoretical and doctrinal materials, of historical reflections and future strategies. We will explore a variety of animal law topics and approaches for understanding "animal rights," but an overriding theme of the course is to understand whether and to what extent animal protection should be considered a civil rights movement. What is the role of activists versus lawyers? What is the role of criminal law in advancing the agenda of the movement? What is the role of constitutional law, and of science? And, do some species deserve more legal protections than others, and if so why?

Prerequisites: N/A
Credit Hours: 2
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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