Movement Lawyering Lab |

Movement Lawyering Lab

Professor Lexi Freeman Professor Lindsey Webb IRISE Community Scholar Daniel Kim

4 credits

8 students

The Movement Lawyering Lab will expose students to the philosophy of movement lawyering, as well as the organizing, strategic communications, policy analysis, and legal tools that can be of service to long-term social justice campaigns and contribute to organizational, community, or individual capacity building. This course will benefit students interested in public policy, social justice, and community organizing work.

Students in this class will both attend a seminar and engage in movement lawyering projects focused on the goals of selected community partners, with an anticipated focus on racial justice issues in education and the criminal system. The seminar and fieldwork portions will be supervised by Prof. Freeman and Prof. Webb as well as IRISE Community Scholar Daniel Kim. Through this model, students will have an opportunity to develop outputs in partnership with organizers and communities and contribute to short- and long-term goals of the groups.

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Movement Lawyering Lab should not be co-enrolled in either an in-house clinic or a credited externship. Students with questions about this policy are welcome to contact Prof. Freeman and Prof. Webb.

Prerequisites: N/A
Credit Hours: 4

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