Transatlantic Climate Change and Energy Transition Law & Policy: European Union and the United States | L47xx

This course, which will be co-taught by professors at the Universities of Copenhagen, Denver, and Oslo, will analyze and compare climate change laws and policies in the European Union and the United States. Students will learn about the different ways the EU and US governmental systems are addressing climate change and the transition to cleaner forms of generating energy. The course will include nine two-hour video-conferencing sessions with the European professors and their students in classrooms in Copenhagen and Oslo. There will also be several “DU only” sessions. During the final week (April 25-30), all students and professors will meet in Oslo for a series of student-led presentations as well as meetings and field trips involving EU and Norwegian climate change and energy experts. Travel funding will be provided by the European Commission up to approximately $2,000 per student. The trip to Oslo will be contingent on whether travel restrictions have been lifted by late April.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing (ULW) Requirement.

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