Lawyering in Spanish Boot Camp: Basic Legal Vocabulary & Immigration Law/ Curso Intensivo de Abrogacía en Español: Vocabulario Básico y Derecho Migratorio | L47xx

This is a one-unit intensive course that will be held over two days. Students must be able to read and understand basic Spanish, but need not be fluent in Spanish. Interested students are encouraged to contact Professor Juárez to determine whether the student’s level of Spanish is sufficient. If you had two years of Spanish in high school, that should be a sufficient background in Spanish. There are no prerequisites for the course, other than completion of the first year of law school. This course will be taught in Spanish, although the professor will occasionally use English when necessary to ensure students understand the material. This course will provide students with some of the Spanish-language vocabulary relating to the lawyer-client relationship, litigation, and immigration law, and with the opportunity to utilize this vocabulary. The course will also provide students with an opportunity to begin to achieve cultural competency when representing Spanish-speaking clients. Students will be expected to have completed the readings in Spanish before the class meets. Students will also be expected to have prepared questions in Spanish to be used to interview a client before the class meets. The class will be interactive, and will include discussions of the readings, small group discussions, simulations, preparation of a vocabulary wiki, and viewing of law-related films. Grading in the course will not be based on Spanish-language fluency. Grades will be based on class participation, quizzes on the readings and films, and performance in simulation exercises. There will not be a final examination.

Prerequisites: N/A
Credit Hours: 1
ULW: This course does not meet the Upper Level Writing (ULW) requirement.

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