Prison Law | L47xx

Courses in criminal law tend to focus on the “front end” of the criminal justice process: the constitutional protections afforded to criminal defendants during the investigation and prosecution of a crime. But for most individuals caught up in the criminal justice system, especially those charged with serious felonies, the trial process is only the preamble to an extended period in in prison. This course focuses in depth on a key component of the “back end” of the criminal justice system: the law and policy of incarceration.

This course will briefly cover some criminological theories related to sentencing and the causes of mass incarceration before turning to the following topics: the scope of prisoners’ constitutional rights, inmate access to the courts, litigation over conditions of confinement (including supermax prisons), and the Prison Litigation Reform Act.

Prerequisites: N/A
Credit Hours: 2
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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