Water Transactions Seminar | L47xx

Navigating the legal requirements as well as the political, economic, environmental, and social impacts of water transactions can be challenging and can require innovation, collaboration, and patience. Taught by Professor Amy Beatie, this hands-on seminar utilizing simulated real world examples exposes students to the issues, documentation, and experiences that an attorney in a water practice might encounter. It will focus on negotiating and drafting documents involved in a wide variety of water-related transactions, including the sale, lease, and other contracts for the use of water rights. Topics will include: water as an interest in real property; the role of lawyers and the legal practice; the anatomy of a transaction, including the purchase contract and other related documents; title work and issues; public records and recording statutes; and valuation. Classes will be a mixture of lectures, interactive discussions, and mock negotiations. Students will have the opportunity to work with practitioners, businesses, non-profit, and governmental entities in settings that will present students with simulated realistic practice opportunities. Elements used in grading will include class attendance, individual and group project participation, and written assignments. (Suggest taking Water Law Course first, but not a prerequisite)

Prerequisites: Suggest taking Fundamentals of Water Law Course first, but not a prerequisite
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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