Sustainable Cities Practicum | L4412

Communities around the west are increasingly working to accommodate population growth without promoting sprawl. From transit oriented development in the suburbs to urban infill projects in the city center, cities are exploring ways of promoting new, more sustainable forms of development – sometimes in places that are not ready to accept increased density and amidst changing notions of what Americans really want. This course will explore issues of sustainability, as they relate to land use, and will help prepare students to work in the field of urban planning and development. Partnering with a local organization and utilizing the concept of "Action Learning," students will work in teams as they engage in real-time problem solving of a complex issue involving land use and sustainability. It is anticipated the course will include a field trip and work with practitioners engaged in the issue of concern. A research paper and final presentation will be required. For more information on this course, please contact Susan Daggett.

Prerequisites: Recommended Course: Land Use Planning
Credit Hours: 3

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